Saturday, 14 November 2015

From the microwave: Amy's Kitchen gluten free vegetable lasagne

Being married to a chef, I've given up the microwave meals that I used to rely on in my early twenties. But sometimes I miss them for the uber convenience and the ability to know exactly how many calories are in a meal. Sometimes if you're just cooking for one a microwave meal can be a lot cheaper than starting from scratch too.

I picked up this veggie lasagne from the freezer section at my local Co-op because it looked quite nice and I was super hungry. On reading the ingredients I liked the sound of rice flour pasta sheets too.

When I first got it out of the box I wasn't overly impressed but it only cost £2.29 and 5 minutes to cook so I could live with that. I did think to myself there's no way it will come out as cheesy as it looks in the picture, but I was pleasantly surprised because it was actually mega cheesy! 

Unfortunately I didn't realise until half way through eating it that the five minutes cooking time wasn't enough in my microwave for some reason (I hope it's not broken!). I think seven minutes was what it needed. 

Taste and texture wise it was more like spinach and ricotta cannelloni than lasagne for me, I was expecting more rich tomato flavours. It was quite tasty though and I would probably have it again one day. It give it 6.5/10

Do you know of any other good gluten free microwave meals?