Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Once you go Shellac, you never go back!

Last week, in preparation for my brother's wedding, my Mum treated us both to some pampering and booked us in for a Shellac nail manicure, something that was a completely new experience for me!

I've had acrylic nails in the past and always loved them in the first week, but found that it costs a fortune in infill sessions and paint touch ups to keep them looking nice, and once removed it takes weeks for the natural nail to get back to a good condition. So I've stopped with acrylics, and had heard lots of good things about shellac but always been a little worried about the upkeep.

But of course the perfect thing is, shellac nail varnish can be easily removed at home after it starts wearing away. All I did to remove mine was soak each nail for 5 minutes in a pot of artificial nail remover from Boots and then scrape it off, then pile on lads of moisturiser after.

The colour I chose was a gorgeous purple to match the dress I would be wearing, but it had undertones of blue shimmer in it too, For the event it was perfect, however it was probably a bit dark for the rest of the time it lasted particularly as I had been going to job interviews!

What really surprised me was how rock solid the finish was. There were a few times when I knocked and scraped my nails and thought "uh-oh, that's ruined it" but was always pleasantly surprised that I didn't even see a scratch! I also spray painted some primer onto a plant pot, and got it onto my nails and that did take a bit of the shine off but that was after 6 days of wear so not bad at all.

Eventually after 10 days there were a few signs of wear around the edges of my nails and I got a bit bored of the colour so I decided to take it off. I definitely pay for it again though (£24) as I think it's well worth the money for smart nails, but next time I think I'd opt for a conservative French manicure just in case anything important came up!

The colour used was by CND and I got my nails done at a small independent salon in Eastbourne, but treatments are available nationwide.

Happy manicuring!

Brighton C x