Thursday, 11 April 2013

Using Beauty Products as Cleaning Products

*Disclaimer* Using beauty products as cleaning products is generally ok - but I would never ever ever recommend anyone uses cleaning products as beauty products!!

One of my first blog posts was about how my friends and I managed to clean up a nasty red wine stain with some baby wipes, and how baby wipes seem to be pretty good at removing most stains. That wasn't the first time I'd used beauty products as cleaning products though. Years ago my then partner invited his friend to stay with us. Said friend was allergic to pretty much everything, and I needed to clean the bath before he came. Instead of using cleaning products like bleach or Flash etc I thought it would be safer to use my Sanex bath cream and it kind of worked!

The Beauty of Beauty Products for Cleaning

So I'm not talking about using your £30 skin cream to polish the sink but from time to time beauty products can work well where traditional cleaning products don't. This time around, I have discovered that pumice stone is in fact very good for removing limescale from taps.

The water in Brighton is very hard water which means that after just a few drops touch anything metal, glass, plastic and other water exposed areas, limescale forms instantly. I have been trying desperately for 2 years to remove all of the caked on limescale from our bath taps and while I was in the bath I did a sneaky test with the wet pumice stone and would you know it the limescale came off so easily! Years of elbow grease, Cillit Bang and other nasty chemicals had been out done by the humble pumice that one would normally use to buff up the heel and ball of one's foot.

Now my second disclaimer here is that both the limescaled area and the pumice must be wet, and you must be very gentle and careful not to scratch the metal.

Enjoy your revived shiny new taps!


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