Monday, 15 April 2013

Sometimes I wish I could get a man in

Firstly let me explain the phrase "Get a Man In" - in case you are thinking the wrong thing you naughty people! I think I first heard the phrase from a client when I was a Property Manager. She was very wealthy and if anything needed fixing or sorting she would always say "let's just get a man in" and that was it. Now I knew what she really meant was find a reliable plumber, or a decent plasterer(male or female). But I can see how her phrase was relevant and since I became a property owner I find myself thinking that more and more often!

 Getting Things Done

There are some little niggly annoying jobs that I either just don't have time to do, can't physically do (despite often trying!) or simply don't know whether it would need a plumber, electrician or specialist. So really what I want is to get a man (person) in that knows how to do it. I have contemplated putting up a classified ad on Gumtree or somewhere like that but often when I have done this for other things I have spent more time batting off the loonies that it seems worth, also it's pretty anonymous so if you book a plumber you may even get a stripper turn up, who knows! Finally it seems like some clever person has come up with an answer to my regularly predicaments. There's an app for that now.

Handlerz is an app that is free to download on iPhone/iPads and Android phones. It works by showing people in your area the job you have put up, and they can send you a proposal with a cost for helping you out. And you literally can put anything down as a request.....from borrowing a laptop or phone charger to sewing up a hole in your trousers to taking your old fridge to the dump or helping you move house.

It seems quite safe as well because users are rated on feedback and how many jobs they have done and you can see their photo too. I wish I'd have known about it a little earlier - it's taken me 3 days to remove an old worktop from my office because it was jammed in with grouting and threaded screws, but I bet if someone had the right tools and knew what they were doing it would have only taken them a couple of hours! I should have got a man in...... 


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