Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My new way to find Secret Bargains without Leaving the House

As regular readers will be aware, Wed-day is just around the corner (less than 90 days now, eek!) so any spare funds I have are being piled in to decor, tying up the final payments on things like cake and trying to beautify myself with things like tooth whitening, haircuts and the like!

So I am always pleased to find a bargain now as much as ever. I have blogged before about Daily deals sites and have even shared some really good deals with my readers. But my friend told me today about a new website that has launched where anyone can upload deals they have seen in shops or online. Now this site is actually loaded with so many deals all over the place that it's impossible to pick one to share with you. I say go and take a look for yourself at SmartPound and have a good look round. 

So far I've seen people that have uploaded deals in their local M&S - which is great because a lot of the time individual stores will have different stock to each other and some may be charging less for particular items because they have too much of that stock. For example, I saw someone had put that their local M&S had men's suit for £24.95 (gasp!) and I bet that's not advertised for all and sundry to see by M&S themselves!

Screenshot of juicy bargains from Smartpound.com
Also I saw some eagle eyed sharing and caring shoppers had spotted some great bargains on eBay like Jack Jones t-shirts for £6.99 with free delivery. I've lost many an hour trawling through pages of irrelevant eBay search results trying to grab a bargain with no luck, so if other people are willing to share their bargain finds I'll be very grateful. With thanks to these unknown bargain sharers, I promise that if I find something truly worth shouting about I'll add it on the SmartPound site and share it on my blog for you all too. Brownie Guide's Promise.


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