Friday, 22 March 2013

Building a Bespoke Bouquet

The BigDay is coming faster and faster! I have lost momentum on the planning a little due to two disappointing bridesmaid dress purchases, a troublesome foreign currency payment and a sudden realisation that my wedding wasn't going to look like a Martha Stuart Pinterest board unless I spend millions on it.

Good old Mum to the rescue though. A long time ago I decided that I wanted a brooch bouquet. My mum has now set herself the challenge of making it, and wow it's hard! We thought we'd easily find some broken brooches in the charity shops but these have all been very expensive.

We've Googled a lot and decided the best way to start is with silk flowers as a base decorated with fancy buttons, earrings and any other sparkly bits we can find. We've twisted a few on to wire and will inter-twine them somehow! I'm a bit worried about how heavy the whole thing will be she it's finished but hey maybe my arms will look toned as I heave it down the aisle! Still so much to do and only 14weeks to go. Eek. Anyone got any advice for building a brooch bouquet?!!


  1. Its difficult and pricey, which I am only saying as you already know, so it wont put you off! I did it for my wedding in November, and it ended up costing me about £60 all in i'd say. I got some brooches from ebay (that shipped from hong kong) some from boot fairs and then also asked friends to donate anything they didnt want/was broken/lost the other pair of!
    I attached them all to florist wire, and then hot glue gunned them so that the stayed where they should when it came to moulding them all together. For extra 'padding out' I bought some little silk roses (the really small ones) in bunches again from ebay to fill in the gaps...
    Not sure if these links will work as they are to my facebook account, but:

    but if not there are a few on my blog under the wedding tag... but if you want any help please feel free to email me or tweet me! @belledubrighton

    Good luck with your bouquet, and the rest of the prep! (oh, and it is a little heavy, but you're so busy smiling and people (or trying not to get teary!) that you wont notice, and you can fling it on the cake table when you eat anyway xx

  2. Thank you so much :-) I couldn't see the Facebook links but will definitely have a good look through your blog. Nice tip re the heaviness - maybe it will help my balance! I am starting to think if it is going to cost around £60 I might enlist the help of an expert bouquet maker - anything to alleviated the pre wedding stress is good! xx