Sunday, 24 March 2013

A pretty good Sunday Shopping Trip

AF and I had a very rare day off together today, and both being a little bit hungover decided we needed to do something fun instead of lazing around at home feeling sorry for ourselves. I already had in mind that I needed to seek out some brooches (see last post) so we went to the village flea markets. There happen to be 2 flea markets in a village that only has about 15 shops... Lucky us! We love a good rummage. In the first shop there was just too much to take in, and I fell completely in love with this 1960s telephone and as it was £18 which is probably what you'd pay for a reproduction one any way, I had to have it. Oops.

Next I picked up a good collection of brooches and rings for £13 that can go on the b-project, and will be added to a good stash of broken jewellery and crafty bits I collected from around the house this morning.

Then we found some perfect milk jugs for our centrepieces, only £3.50 each in the sale at BHS but sadly only 3 left but we snapped them all up.

Finally for £18 from BHS a sparkly lampshade for the office ( our office is not so glam, the boys I work with don't care but I am on a mission to make it more homely!) a benefit of running your own business is that you can covet some of the maintenance budget for sparkly things!

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