Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Crafting your Own Vintage Style Wedding Ring

My friend Jen over at the Green Guide for Weddings has written me an interesting article about custom designed engagement rings, swoon....

The checklist constantly seems to grow whilst you’re planning your wedding. Before you even think about the venue and what to put on the wedding feast menu, one of the first items to consider will of course be the ring. A glistening diamond engagement ring on your finger is the first proof of the pudding of your union – and we know all too well that it’s not always easy to find a ring that suits your taste and budget.

Many modern-day wedding proposals are made without the ring or are done with “filler rings”, simply because fianc├ęs are savvy. They know that their brides-to-be can be particular on the type of engagement ring they would like on their finger. Rather than hunting through many vintage shops up and down the country, you might just find that designing your own bespoke vintage-inspired engagement ring is an easier and far more personal option – and it can be done together!

Choosing to have your own good quality wedding jewellery handmade allows you to create something that can be passed onto future generations, whilst encapsulating everything about your marriage and character.

The process of working with an ethical wedding jeweler, such as Ingle & Rhode, is a truly special experience. There’s quite a few stages involved, beginning with discussing - either in person or through telephone consultations - the initial ideas of your ring to figuring out the practicalities of how it will look and sit on your finger in its perfect finished style. How a bespoke wedding ring is created Ingle & Rhode handcrafts custom-made wedding and engagement rings with a focus on ethically sourced elements, using Fairtrade and Fairmined gold and considered precious gems, such as conflict-free diamonds, blood red rubies and sparkling sapphires, for you to ogle over and choose from.

With a bespoke ring you’re able to add in timeless design elements and include inspiration from your location – so it could even be Brighton inspired! One of the rings Ingle & Rhode created for a recent bride was a gorgeous Art Nouveau engagement ring, inspired by the client’s adoration for the artist Gustav Klimt and the special swirl patterns of that era. The bride-to-be sketched her own simple shape derived from the swirl pattern that Ingle & Rhode then turned into a truly desirable and unique piece of jewellery. Once the design brief if ready, Ingle & Rhode use computer aided design (CAD) technology so that you can see a model of what the ring will look like and agree on the final design. After refinements of the design the production of your ring begins.

A 3D wax model is made so that your ring can be casted in the precious metal of your choice. The finished mount is then sent to the London Assay Office for hallmarking, before the gems are set into the ring. Then all the finishing touches, such as engraving and polishing, are added by the jeweller. Then your bespoke wedding ring is ready to go down the aisle!

This article was written by Jen Marsden, an ethical wedding expert and author of Green Guide for Weddings and is supporting Ingle & Rhode, the international luxury ethical jeweller. Photobucket