Friday, 31 August 2012

Top 10 Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles

Celebrities are famous for more than just what they're talented at, whether that's acting, singing or simply being a socialite. They're style icons too, whose fashion and beauty ideas are copied the world over! So it's no wonder that when a celeb gets a radical new hair-do, it sometimes sparks a worldwide trend with anyone and everyone trying to get the look!
Here are the top 10 celebrities who, in my opinion, have defined the hair styles of their era and been copied the world over...

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Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe was, and still is, the ultimate sex symbol. Women wanted to be her, and men wanted to be with her, so it’s no surprise that her platinum blonde curls inspired decades of women to bleach their own locks and pull out the curling irons.

Audrey Hepburn
In a time of fixed bobs sculpted from bottles of hairspray, Audrey Hepburn dared to stand out while sporting her infamous swept back pixie crop for the film Sabrina. In the movie it was her character's much needed transformation from boy-like and unattractive to chic and feminine that this haircut represented. Audrey Hepburn - boyish and unattractive? We can’t imagine a less likely scenario!

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Twiggy wasn’t only known for her stand out lashes and eye make-up, but also her side swept boyish bob crop she styled throughout the 60’s. Not many actresses, or women, have the confidence to even try to pull off such a daring cut, but she did and she did it beautifully.

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot was named ‘the original blonde goddess’ after her platinum blonde, extra long hair became her trademark style and look. Women would have killed for her bedroom-sexy locks that looked perfect whether they were skillfully put up, or left loose to fall around her shoulders!

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Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker's iconic style was set from the moment the first series of Sex and The City was released and she revealed her disheveled, effortless, flyaway curls that radiate sex appeal to the world.

She’s been through many different looks and styles in the time we’ve known her, but Cher’s poker straight hair is the iconic symbol that started it all, and inspired decades of hair straighteners.

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Jennifer Aniston
She’s had some beautiful hair-dos, but it was ‘The Rachel’ that had girls all over the country running to hair salons and holding her picture up to the stylist. This simple, side-parted hairstyle suits almost any face shape and requires next to no effort to maintain.

Amy Winehouse
Everyone remembers her for her unbelievably daring and thick eyeliner, but Amy Winehouse's skyscraping beehive was also a marmite situation - you either loved it or you hated it. Either way you can’t deny her ability to always unique great whilst completely ignoring the current trends and doing her own thing.

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Halle Berry
For years the star has kept her iconic, close cut pixie crop that’s become her signature look, and it’s no wonder as we think it suits her better than any other cut she’s tried out.

Victoria Beckham
2007 saw Victoria Beckham go daring with a blunt bob, and since then she’s reinvented the bob time after time, each only looking more beautiful and feminine than the last. So famous is this look that it's even been nicknamed the 'Pob', thanks to her Posh Spice days, and is another style that's copied all over the high-street.

What's your favourite celebrity hair-do, past or present?

Michelle Star is a beauty blogger with a passion for great hair-dos! She loves to take inspiration from the rich and famous, and is currently sporting a Monroe-style vintage head of curls, although she's added her own twist with a unique pinkish-red hair colour instead of platinum bolnde.


Monday, 20 August 2012

Guest Post: How a Paper Bag has Caused a Stir in the Fashion World

 Those critical of the fashion industry have had a field day in the media recently after a glorified paper bag has proved to be a big hit with global consumers.
Last spring / summer saw minimalist German designer Jil Sander bring out an acetate shopping bag which sold extremely well and now the fashion house has created a brown paper lunch bag with a price tag of £185.

This year’s creation has had critics falling over themselves to comment on the latest designer product to hit the shelves. The more mundane the item, the more annoyed these naysayers get.
The Queen of Less has certainly outdone herself this time though. While the bag has been created from ‘100% coated paper’ and stitch seams are one of its main features, it is certainly hard to imagine who would be willing to part with their cash for such a product.

Well, what do we know? This product, which was displayed by male models sporting officewear at the autumn / winter show, has shown that you cannot predict what will take off in the world of fashion. The paper bag has been a best-seller the world over.

The only stockist in the UK to sell the bag is LN-CC, an independent boutique in London, with the shop managing to sell out of certain sizes within just a few weeks from going on sale. The official Jil Sander site was also reported to be running low on stocks too, although the smaller version was still available (for a far-from-cheap £175).

In addition to the paper version of the bag there is a luxury leather edition as well, although it will set you back almost £500.

These high-priced fashion accessories from well-established designers like Jil Sander do make most people question those who would be willing to spend that kind of money on such items. However, this is missing the point regarding the exclusivity of these products and the design statement they can make.
While the majority of people, including those who do like to follow the current trends regarding women’s fashion, would be put off by these kinds of extremes, there must be a market out there somewhere or they would never get close to selling out in the first place.

If an expensive paper bag is not for you, then it is probably best to stick to the designer clothes that do appeal to your individual fashion sense.

This article was written by Jessica Rodgers, a critic with a keen eye for the latest in womens fashion clothes.