Thursday, 7 June 2012

Brighton C goes to London

Living so close to London has always made me feel a bit like I don't really need to bother visiting. I'm no city slicker, hustle and bustle scares me and big grey buildings and pin striped suits make me feel queasy. So many friends commute every day from Brighton and I make no bones about telling them I think they are absolutely bonkers for doing so! I guess I've never really had reason to go to London nor the inclination. If Brighton wasn't so bloody brilliant things might be different.

 I know I would love Spitalfields, I've only been to Camden once and I've never been on the London eye, sure I am missing out I know! But the tube map confuses me and the smog suffocates me and the cost of the train ticket kills any passion for a trip to London. I have recently be honoured with the title of Princes Trust Young Ambassador however. One that is of great responsibility, greatly respected and fought over. I am so pleased and excited and have stepped outside my comfort zone entirely for the chance to take on this role. Firstly with a trip to Regents Park for a 1 hour interview, which took me a whole afternoon and 3 tubes. I didn't get lost, I enjoyed being at Baker Street and even derailed and stopped off at Oxford Street for some window shopping on the way home, so all in all this was a good trip. 

Since then I have been to Liverpool Street which was a bit of a less triumphant journey thanks to being during rush hour and signal failures and a weirdo opposite me on the train home. Next stop Canary Wharf at the end of June. I know I said I don't like the business feel of London but have secretly always wondered what's inside Canary Wharf so am pretty excited about this one and will be dusting off my smartest tailored jacket and heels to pretend I'm power dressing for the day! 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The physiology of my insomnia

This is the first ever blog post I have written on my new iPad so let's test the functionality and forgive me if the post looks a little skew-whiff. Predictive text is on too, this could be amusing! After a rather longer than ever wanted break from my re-organisation blog, I find myself frustrated and unable to sleep, so what better time to write a post. And as I lie in bed earlier thinking about all the physical reasons I couldn't sleep and whether they were just a symptom of the insomnia itself, I thought that this might make an interesting discussion. If not, at the very least if you are reading it as an insomnia sufferer it may very well send you to sleep!

 I have suffered with sleep problems as long as I can remember, but have never called myself an insomniac because I know there are poor souls out there who have much more trouble sleeping than I do. My waves of sleep problems come and go and I have always noticed that they are of course linked very closely with stress. I am absolutely undeniably stressed to the limit at the mo, although stil smiling! There is so much running through my mind that it's very difficult to switch off and wind down, particularly as an old injury is preventing me from taking any form of exercise at all at the moment. At this precise moment 02.53am on a Wednesday morning (work at 9.30am) I am particularly focused on the physical symptoms of insomnia because I know my brain won't give in and sleep so I need to keep myself occupied with something. My jaw was clenched super tight earlier and still aches at the joints. I realised that as i released pressured between my teeth, a loud fuzzy noise in my ear canals stopped. That was a relief and probably an unnoticed sleep disturber! I noticed too that my neck was stiff from not letting my head relax back on the pillow. I was so wound up that I didn't even arrange my pillows in a comfortable way yet had been laying like that for 2 hours.
My legs ache terribly, and feel very hot, again probably from feeling tense all over but perhaps I'd do well to take my socks off..done. That feels better already! My stomach has been sloshing and grumbling the last 30mins and felt crampy. I think this is entirely stress related as there are no other reasons for an aggravated stomach right now.

 I have tinnitus, I've had it for some years but it always seems much worse when I'm trying to sleep. And from all the strains and stresses I do now of course have a headache. However, to end on a positive note, I do feel a little more chirpy now I've spent some time writing and put a little life back in my blog. If you feel the frustration of sleep problems feel free to let off steam in the comments section of this post! Photobucket