Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our Vintage Tea Set

I bought a cute little vintage tea set on eBay a while ago but when it arrived I kind of realised that we had no where to store it nicely! There have been 2 unused shelves in their originally packaging from B & Q stashed in the back of my wardrobe since the year 2002 (yes, seriously) I challenged AB to put them up in our dining room. He went above and beyond his DIY call of duty and in facet white washed them, fixed them as funnily enough the wood was a little warped and put them up, very straight. 

We can now proudly display our little tea set and it looks great. Each time I look at it I feel a little happier. I'm not sure what the brand is, there is a Japan and Crown marking but it looks a bit like a rip off one, so I don't expect the tea set has any value at all but it's exactly the style I like, and that makes me happy :-)


Friday, 23 March 2012

Random Friday - A naked man riding a giant scary eel

For your viewing pleasure I am pleased to introduce "Random Friday" - each (well most) Friday I will treat you with a picture of the most random thing I have seen all week.

This week - a statue of a naked man riding a giant eel seen in Faro, Gran Canaria - is this a mythical or legendary character or just a random statue?? Answers on a postcard please!


My first Garra Rufa fish pedicure - what's it like?

The next installment of my travel tales is the story of my first Garra Rufa fish pedicure. When I first heard about fish pedicures I thought they sounded a bit gross. Then I heard everyone was doing it and I started to think they were cool, and I might try it, especially when my friends said they enjoyed it. Then I heard things about how unhygenic it is to have a fish nibble your toes after it's just had a chew on someone elses, and it put me off.

However, the allure of having a fish pedicure on a small tropical tiki hut island in the middle of the hotel swimming pool in 28c sunshine was just too much, especially as I had dusty flip flop feet, and it was only 10 Euros. The man looking after us (me, my mum, brother, brother in law and sister) made sure we all washed off our suncream and then he washed our legs for us again to get rid of any soap. He was very concerned about the fish and wouldn't let us lean over the tank or go near them without supervision - which was nice to see.

Just as I expected when I first stuck my feet in the tank it was weird, and very very tickly. My mum, sister and I all squealed at the same time! After the initial shock of having small slimy creatures attach themselves to our feet, it actually started to feel very relaxing and very nice. I don't really like people touching my feet but became rather fond of the little nibbly fish. Ocassionally one would start to climb up an ankle which was really tickly.

After 10 minutes in the tank, I was actually amazed by how soft my feet felt and how clean they looked. The fish really do take away any rough and dry areas, and they are particularly keen on scars and cracked heels. I enjoyed the fish pedicure so much that I had another one 2 days later, and after a second go my feet felt brand new. I'd be really interested to feel the effect on the rest of my legs and arms, and maybe even my face but I don't think I could bare the tickles!

I'd love to have regular fish pedicures, and we all said how nice it would be to keep a tanks of Garra Rufas under our desk at work, however I'm not so convinced that sitting in a fish pedicure bar in Brighton on a gloomy day will be as relaxing as sitting on a tropical island. Correct me if I am wrong and you have enjoyed a Garra Rufa treatment at any lovely salons in Brighton!

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My first camel ride in Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Ok here is the first of the travel tales from my holiday that I promised! I had a lot of great times and have come back with some very happy memories. One special moment from the holiday was AB and I taking our first ever camel ride.

I have always wanted to be brave and take a ride on an elephant or camel, but never had the opportunity. I am petrified of horses after 2 nasty accidents on horses as a child, so I felt like facing my fear of riding by trying a different animal.

We walked past the camels on the first day and I felt a little nervous as I told AB that I wanted to go on a trek. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had heard tales of spitting camels from friends. When we got to the base camp, it was lovely, there was a Morrocon style tent to relax in and we could visit the camels that were chilling out after trekking earlier in the day. Walking through the chain of camels to get there was a little daunting. Sadly the camels were chained up with short chains and chicken wire muzzles. This did make me less concerened for my own safety but I also worry how comfortable the camels are during the treks.

Overall, it seemed as though they were well looked after and my camel knowledge is non-existent so I couldn't really say if they looked happy or well! My thoughts are that the camels will be there whether we chose to ride on them or not, so by handing over our money for a ride we are at least support their cause.

Our camel had a lovely temperament, and was apparently called Mundo. We were able to pat him and stroke him throughout the trek. The camel behind us was quite noisy, and consistently huffed on my shoulder which was not so nice, and when the camel in front first stood up he let rip in poor Mundo's face. All in all the camels were rather stinky!

The ride itself was really pleasant, a nice pace with some great scenery and after a while I was able to loosen my white knuckle grip and sit back and enjoy the ride. When we got back I mentioned to AB that I was going to write about Mundo on my blog, and we had a joke about how he may become famous from having his photo on the internet and be discovered by film makers, and he might attend red carpet premiers in a dickie bow and a fez.....

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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back from Gran Canaria, with a little extra baggage!

So I'm back from my lovely holiday in Gran Canaria and will be sharing some pictures, experiences, and some very very very exciting personal news with you over the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoyed the guest posts I set up. I had a great time on holiday, unfortunately though the last 3 days were plagued by an eczema attack thanks to a reaction to the freshly washed and starched sheets and towels that were replaced each day. I had to stay out of the sun and missed a few days topping up my tan but I still had a wondeful time. If you want to learn more about eczema. reactions, treatments, and eczema friendly cosmetics and see some pictures I also write for The Eczema List to help out others who suffer the same problem.

Stay tuned for all the holiday gossip, bikini body thoughts and holiday prep ideas!


So when do the clocks go forward then?!

I had a little panic this evening that I was going to lose an hour's blogging time thanks to the spring forward clocks changing. Spring Forward, Fall Back, is a useful saying to help remember which way to turn the hour but it doesn't help with the date.

Anyway - it's Sunday 25th March 2012, and so you never forget for the next 2 years, here are the rest of the dates for daylight savings clock changes.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Redecorate your bedroom for a better night's sleep

Your bedroom is the most important part of any house. Getting it right can make your life much more peaceful and give you the all important night’s sleep that you need, no matter how busy your life is. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your room a better place to sleep, in fact with a simple bit of know-how you may not even have to spend a penny! Follow this step by step guide to z heaven!
1.       Keep your room clutter free- Unless you are a mega neat freak, which let’s face it, most people are not, chances are you probably have a lot of stuff that you’ve hoarded over the years that no matter how much you promise to yourself you are going to, you just never seem to throw it out. Grab a bin bag or some boxes and start filling them with the clothes, shoes and other random stuff you bought and hoped to use but never do. Go by the rule of thumb that if you haven’t worn it or used it in the last year, you probably will not wear it any time soon. Do the world a favour and send these items to charity shops, where you can’t find a use for something, perhaps someone else will!

2.       Colour code- that phase you went through 4 years ago when you decided you wanted to paint your bedroom black, has long since passed by, and now you are stuck with a depressing colour and your room feels rather bleak rather than the monochrome cool you were hoping for. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that colour can drastically affect your mood, and if you don’t feel uplifted by your room, it is unlikely that you will be able to rest easily in it. Go for neutral tones with paler colours to allow natural light to bounce around. It can often be fun to paint three walls white and then have one wall with a richer, fuller colour such as crimson, navy or emerald to brighten up the walls. If you prefer to have just one shade though, go for pinks, lilacs, pale blues and creamy colours.

3.        Using your space wisely- If you have enough rooms in your house, try and keep your bedroom as simple as possible and allocate spaces for all your paper work which should ideally not be kept in your bedroom. Obviously if you live in a student house or bedsit, this may be difficult, so when you have finished working, try and tidy it away so that it is out of sight, and therefore out of mind when you are trying to relax. Disconnecting your work life from your personal life will make your house much easier to live in.

4.       Electronic distractions- try and keep the number of electronic appliances to a minimum in your bedroom. Avoid having a television in your bedroom, as watching TV when you should be sleeping is very detrimental to getting enough hours of sleep, similarly, leave your laptop on your desk rather than trying to take it to bed with you, and if you have a landline telephone in your bedroom, disconnect it at night so that you are not disturbed in your most vital hours of rest and relaxation.

5.       Complete redecoration- If you want a complete redecoration of your room, look for inspiration in property magazines, DIY store leaflets or you could even just look at bedrooms on property websites to “spy” on other people’s ideas of how they’ve decorated their rooms and used their space! If you are replacing any of your furniture, choose something that will go with many different colours as well as the colour you have selected for your room in case you want to change it again. Most important though, is if you are changing your bed, you should take plenty of time to choose a bed, your headboard and your mattress to suit your needs.  And finally never underestimate the value of good curtains to keep your room darker and you sleeping longer.