Sunday, 14 October 2012

Out with the Old - Who Made Your Pants?

Part of the great becoming organised mission is to have a good old clear out every 2 weeks at least. One of my biggest organisation demons has always been clothes and accessories. Like any woman, I love to shop and over the years have accumulated far too many clothes.

I am always astonished when the laundry's done at how many pairs of socks I have. Where do they all come from, and where do they hide when I need them causing me to go out and buy more? But what I'd never really looked at before was my pants. I wear pants everyday (oh yes) and rush around every morning to get ready for work, so having a never ending pants supply in the top drawer always seemed like a sensible idea to me. I never really took time out to reflect on the sheer volume of pants I own.

I expect my pants draw is like many others across the nation. I have the big comfy ones, the trouser friendly ones, the matching ones and the saucy ones (which come out on very special occassions only due to being very very uncomfortable!) I do have some nice pairs of pants that were gifts - but I tend to go for cheap and cheerful and I'm sorry to say that many of my undergarments are from not-so-ethical cheapy shops.

I was recently introduced to pioneering pants brand Who Made Your Pants?. I was immediately moved by their mission: to build a better world one pair of pants at a time. The idea of this lovely brand is to make pants out of gorgeous material that is thrown away and wasted as lingerie leftovers from some of the bigger brands.

With this perfectly good material, the most gorgeous pants are made. There literaly is a colour for every woman in their collection. Given that I had been dressing my hard working behind with cheapy pants for such a long time, I decided it was time to indulge and buy myself a pair of these pioneering pants. The best bit is, I didn't feel guilty about buying mysef something nice, because every pair of pants bought in their online shop helps fund a job and training for vulnerable women from war torn countries like Sudan.

When my pants arrived I really was delighted. I had been looking forward to getting them anyway because there are lots of reviews on their website from woman saying how comfy their pants are, particularly the Aimee shorts that I had chosen.

A llittle package arrived at work. It was the size and type of box that something really good comes in. They'd make a really great present. I have taken some pictures because the presentation was so lovely that I felt like I was being sent a gift to say thank you for supporting Who Made Your Pants rather than carrying out some guilt ridden retail therapy shopping.

In fact, I am so pleased with my new Something Blue pants that I have thrown away 8 of my cheapy un-ethical pants and was very glad to see them go. Seeing as I got a 15% off voucher in with my new pants too i expect I'll be going back to get some more and hopefully throwing out another load of bad pants.

When you see the pictures you'll see for yourself how exciting these pants are, but I urge every woman with a conscience to check out their website and just have a think about who made your pants.

Lovely box of gifty goodness
Nicely wrapped pants

Bad cheapy pants going in the bin

Ta da! Lovely comfy new Something Blue Ethical Pants!

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