Saturday, 7 April 2012

My New Bikram Yoga Kit

When I first started writing The Re-Organisation of a Brighton Creative, I wrote about how much I like going to Bikram Yoga at Bikram in the Lanes in Brighton. Since then on and off I've been enjoying progressing my bendiness and relaxing, so have decided to invest in a proper kit so that I'm not tugging at my baggy ageing leggings or peeling my Primark vest off my any more. 

At the studio they have some great professional Yoga kit, but unfortunately it's professionally priced too, so is a little bit beyond my budget. So I took a trip to Sports Direct (not as chavvy as you'd think) and managed to pick up some real bargains. For the price of one professional top, I managed to get some proper yoga shorts, a cropped supportive vest and a pretty funky sports bag in my favourite colour that makes me feel a bit like I'm in the cast of fame. I'm off to yoga today so took a little picture of my bargains. 


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