Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Redecorate your bedroom for a better night's sleep

Your bedroom is the most important part of any house. Getting it right can make your life much more peaceful and give you the all important night’s sleep that you need, no matter how busy your life is. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your room a better place to sleep, in fact with a simple bit of know-how you may not even have to spend a penny! Follow this step by step guide to z heaven!
1.       Keep your room clutter free- Unless you are a mega neat freak, which let’s face it, most people are not, chances are you probably have a lot of stuff that you’ve hoarded over the years that no matter how much you promise to yourself you are going to, you just never seem to throw it out. Grab a bin bag or some boxes and start filling them with the clothes, shoes and other random stuff you bought and hoped to use but never do. Go by the rule of thumb that if you haven’t worn it or used it in the last year, you probably will not wear it any time soon. Do the world a favour and send these items to charity shops, where you can’t find a use for something, perhaps someone else will!

2.       Colour code- that phase you went through 4 years ago when you decided you wanted to paint your bedroom black, has long since passed by, and now you are stuck with a depressing colour and your room feels rather bleak rather than the monochrome cool you were hoping for. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that colour can drastically affect your mood, and if you don’t feel uplifted by your room, it is unlikely that you will be able to rest easily in it. Go for neutral tones with paler colours to allow natural light to bounce around. It can often be fun to paint three walls white and then have one wall with a richer, fuller colour such as crimson, navy or emerald to brighten up the walls. If you prefer to have just one shade though, go for pinks, lilacs, pale blues and creamy colours.

3.        Using your space wisely- If you have enough rooms in your house, try and keep your bedroom as simple as possible and allocate spaces for all your paper work which should ideally not be kept in your bedroom. Obviously if you live in a student house or bedsit, this may be difficult, so when you have finished working, try and tidy it away so that it is out of sight, and therefore out of mind when you are trying to relax. Disconnecting your work life from your personal life will make your house much easier to live in.

4.       Electronic distractions- try and keep the number of electronic appliances to a minimum in your bedroom. Avoid having a television in your bedroom, as watching TV when you should be sleeping is very detrimental to getting enough hours of sleep, similarly, leave your laptop on your desk rather than trying to take it to bed with you, and if you have a landline telephone in your bedroom, disconnect it at night so that you are not disturbed in your most vital hours of rest and relaxation.

5.       Complete redecoration- If you want a complete redecoration of your room, look for inspiration in property magazines, DIY store leaflets or you could even just look at bedrooms on property websites to “spy” on other people’s ideas of how they’ve decorated their rooms and used their space! If you are replacing any of your furniture, choose something that will go with many different colours as well as the colour you have selected for your room in case you want to change it again. Most important though, is if you are changing your bed, you should take plenty of time to choose a bed, your headboard and your mattress to suit your needs.  And finally never underestimate the value of good curtains to keep your room darker and you sleeping longer.



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