Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Our Vintage Tea Set

I bought a cute little vintage tea set on eBay a while ago but when it arrived I kind of realised that we had no where to store it nicely! There have been 2 unused shelves in their originally packaging from B & Q stashed in the back of my wardrobe since the year 2002 (yes, seriously) I challenged AB to put them up in our dining room. He went above and beyond his DIY call of duty and in facet white washed them, fixed them as funnily enough the wood was a little warped and put them up, very straight. 

We can now proudly display our little tea set and it looks great. Each time I look at it I feel a little happier. I'm not sure what the brand is, there is a Japan and Crown marking but it looks a bit like a rip off one, so I don't expect the tea set has any value at all but it's exactly the style I like, and that makes me happy :-)


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