Friday, 23 March 2012

My first Garra Rufa fish pedicure - what's it like?

The next installment of my travel tales is the story of my first Garra Rufa fish pedicure. When I first heard about fish pedicures I thought they sounded a bit gross. Then I heard everyone was doing it and I started to think they were cool, and I might try it, especially when my friends said they enjoyed it. Then I heard things about how unhygenic it is to have a fish nibble your toes after it's just had a chew on someone elses, and it put me off.

However, the allure of having a fish pedicure on a small tropical tiki hut island in the middle of the hotel swimming pool in 28c sunshine was just too much, especially as I had dusty flip flop feet, and it was only 10 Euros. The man looking after us (me, my mum, brother, brother in law and sister) made sure we all washed off our suncream and then he washed our legs for us again to get rid of any soap. He was very concerned about the fish and wouldn't let us lean over the tank or go near them without supervision - which was nice to see.

Just as I expected when I first stuck my feet in the tank it was weird, and very very tickly. My mum, sister and I all squealed at the same time! After the initial shock of having small slimy creatures attach themselves to our feet, it actually started to feel very relaxing and very nice. I don't really like people touching my feet but became rather fond of the little nibbly fish. Ocassionally one would start to climb up an ankle which was really tickly.

After 10 minutes in the tank, I was actually amazed by how soft my feet felt and how clean they looked. The fish really do take away any rough and dry areas, and they are particularly keen on scars and cracked heels. I enjoyed the fish pedicure so much that I had another one 2 days later, and after a second go my feet felt brand new. I'd be really interested to feel the effect on the rest of my legs and arms, and maybe even my face but I don't think I could bare the tickles!

I'd love to have regular fish pedicures, and we all said how nice it would be to keep a tanks of Garra Rufas under our desk at work, however I'm not so convinced that sitting in a fish pedicure bar in Brighton on a gloomy day will be as relaxing as sitting on a tropical island. Correct me if I am wrong and you have enjoyed a Garra Rufa treatment at any lovely salons in Brighton!

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