Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My first camel ride in Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Ok here is the first of the travel tales from my holiday that I promised! I had a lot of great times and have come back with some very happy memories. One special moment from the holiday was AB and I taking our first ever camel ride.

I have always wanted to be brave and take a ride on an elephant or camel, but never had the opportunity. I am petrified of horses after 2 nasty accidents on horses as a child, so I felt like facing my fear of riding by trying a different animal.

We walked past the camels on the first day and I felt a little nervous as I told AB that I wanted to go on a trek. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I had heard tales of spitting camels from friends. When we got to the base camp, it was lovely, there was a Morrocon style tent to relax in and we could visit the camels that were chilling out after trekking earlier in the day. Walking through the chain of camels to get there was a little daunting. Sadly the camels were chained up with short chains and chicken wire muzzles. This did make me less concerened for my own safety but I also worry how comfortable the camels are during the treks.

Overall, it seemed as though they were well looked after and my camel knowledge is non-existent so I couldn't really say if they looked happy or well! My thoughts are that the camels will be there whether we chose to ride on them or not, so by handing over our money for a ride we are at least support their cause.

Our camel had a lovely temperament, and was apparently called Mundo. We were able to pat him and stroke him throughout the trek. The camel behind us was quite noisy, and consistently huffed on my shoulder which was not so nice, and when the camel in front first stood up he let rip in poor Mundo's face. All in all the camels were rather stinky!

The ride itself was really pleasant, a nice pace with some great scenery and after a while I was able to loosen my white knuckle grip and sit back and enjoy the ride. When we got back I mentioned to AB that I was going to write about Mundo on my blog, and we had a joke about how he may become famous from having his photo on the internet and be discovered by film makers, and he might attend red carpet premiers in a dickie bow and a fez.....

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