Sunday, 18 March 2012

Back from Gran Canaria, with a little extra baggage!

So I'm back from my lovely holiday in Gran Canaria and will be sharing some pictures, experiences, and some very very very exciting personal news with you over the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoyed the guest posts I set up. I had a great time on holiday, unfortunately though the last 3 days were plagued by an eczema attack thanks to a reaction to the freshly washed and starched sheets and towels that were replaced each day. I had to stay out of the sun and missed a few days topping up my tan but I still had a wondeful time. If you want to learn more about eczema. reactions, treatments, and eczema friendly cosmetics and see some pictures I also write for The Eczema List to help out others who suffer the same problem.

Stay tuned for all the holiday gossip, bikini body thoughts and holiday prep ideas!


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