Monday, 13 February 2012

Minimalist or miserable?

Many people espouse the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. It's certainly true that a clutter free home has its benefits, but recent interior design trends have taken this to extremes. Wooden floors, pristine tables, and shiny, show-home style seats are nice - in a show home, but aren't real homes designed to be lived in?

Tidy By Nature?
Some people are naturally tidy, some people are not. Even those who are naturally tidy, though, are still humans, and humans have lives to lead. How can you cook a meal if you're scared to spill something in the kitchen? How can you eat some chips and dips in front of the TV if your heart skips a beat every time it looks like some dip could fall from the chip and land on your coffee table?
Minimalist furniture is great for showing off, but it draws attention to every spill, every scuff mark, and every stain. That's not something that's conducive to having a good night in with your friends!

It's Time to Relax
A home is supposed to be a place you enjoy spending time in, so instead of putting yourself in a position where you don't want to use your living room because "I just cleaned it, the glass table might get smudge marks on it!", why not take a different direction with your decorating? Forget carefully polished wooden floors, buck the trend with some woollen carpeting; and not white woollen carpeting that might show wine stains - something dark, luxurious, and stress free instead. Quality deep-pile woollen carpeting is a joy to walk around in barefoot, and instead of being a slave to the mop and floor polish, all you'll need to do is an occasional run around with a hoover.

Forget shiny glass coffee tables, look for something with frosted glass that doesn't show smudges, and think about huge, heavy book cases, and nice comfy chairs. Things that you can gleefully relax in, instead of worrying that when you sit at the wrong angle you ruin the symmetry of the room.
Minimilist, or miserable?
If you buck the minimalist trend, not only will you enjoy your home more, your visitors will be able to relax too, and they may find that they envy your relaxed way of living. That's good news for you, as it means that you won't have to feel like you just committed a crime on the level of murdering your best friend's kitten if you get a few sandwich crumbs on their freshly polished floor, or spill a drop of wine on their leather sofa.

No Excuse to Hoard
That doesn't mean that you have free license to hoard possessions - clutter is still clutter! However, there is a healthy balance between minimalism and clutter. The current trend is a backlash against clutter, and fashion has swung too far in the direction of the minimalist lifestyle. Now is the time for you to reclaim the homely feeling of your home.

Lovely guest post written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Stewart Groom Flooring; Leicester carpet fitters.

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