Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Brighton boutique hotels with a vintage feel

There are some great little boutique hotels in Brighton, so I was pleased when Hugo sent me this great guest post with some more details about the best places to stay! 

Everyone already knows that Brighton is a great place for a holiday. Most people know that the beaches of Brighton are some of the best beaches out there but there is more to Brighton than the ocean. There are the festivals, the night-life, the theatre and the museums to name just a few. One of the coolest things about Brighton, however, is the vintage-style hotels. Anyone can sleep in a typical hotel so when you get to Brighton look out for one of these hotels instead.

For a totally unique place to stay head on over to Snooze
, which can best be described as a hotel with an attitude. Guests can choose from several rooms decorated with a mix of vintage and contemporary d├ęcor. Room number 2, for example, is what can be called vintage/shabby-chic. Large-flowered wallpaper in the colours of butterscotch, brown and orange decorate one of the walls upon which there are 3 mallard ducks winging across the wall as well. White vintage bedding and a clunky wardrobe also add character to this cheery room. White porcelain sinks with roses, velvet-topped chairs on distressed wood, white enamel pitches of flowers and gilded mirrors and frames are other touches that make this boutique hotel so fun to stay at. There are a couple of rooms that are funkier than vintage so call ahead.

For a bit more grand, and a little less funk, consider the Grand Brighton. While not all the room are styled vintage the ones that are make this hotel a worthy one to mention. The curtains are flowing and graceful, the bed canopies are in vintage floral patterns, there is a nice use of red velvet, the dark antique furniture has elegant curves and the colours that dominate are shades of yellow and red. There are also vintage-style botanical prints on the wall in gilded frames that add to the feel of the rooms. The dining room of the Grand Brighton is also quite vintage with floral wallpaper and carpet and dark furniture with more of those graceful curves that are reminiscent of another age. 

Blanch House
has a number of themed rooms in which the Perrier Jouet stands out. While not completely vintage there are vintage feels to this elegant room. The olive green wallpaper with a darker olive floral pattern and the crystal chandelier are just 2 of these. A large gilded mirror, tray ceiling and an antique roll top bath all help with the room’s character. A wrought iron balcony with pots of flowers is the cherry on top in this room.

The Sea Spray
is called an affordable boutique luxury and has one room that is wonderfully vintage; the Renaissance Room. The red wallpaper with huge gold flowers adds a lot to this charming room as does the white Italian Rococo bed with matching nightstands on either side. The dominant colours are red, cream and gold giving this vintage-styled room a touch of romance.

Decorated in shades of white and lavender is Room One at the White House
. A cream-colored iron bed, beige wallpaper with sprays of white flowers with little sage-green leaves and a balcony that overlooks a garden gives this vintage room a soft and dreamy feel. Small reading lamps with lavender lampshades and all white linens add to the effect.

Some more vintage-style hotels in Brighton
to think about include the Brighton House, the Regency Hotel, Neo Hotel, the Granville Hotel and Hotel Pelirocco. Keep in mind that some of these hotels have just one room that qualifies for vintage so call ahead to make sure you get the right one.



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