Monday, 30 January 2012

About Being Inspirational

Being inspirational is never really a way that one might describe themselves, and I certainly wouldn't say I am inspirational. However if I think harder about it, I suppose the whole reason I set up a blog was to inspire people? Isn't that why we blog? Any way, the point of this post is to mark the occasion that someone, in fact some people, told me that I was inspirational. The Princes Trust invited me to present an Inspirational Talk to a group of young entrepreneurs.

I have received some mentoring from The Princes Trust to help me set up my business, which is now going strong. It's been a year since I first met with The Princes Trust, so they feel I am a good example for other youngsters looking to set up on their own and become self employed.

I was invited in to talk to the group a few days before the course. I was so excited at the invitation, I forgot to ask what I should talk about. I also forgot to ask how long I was expected to talk for. As it got to the morning of the talk, it dawned on me I was totally unprepared! I figured I do like to talk a lot so I would be fine to talk for 10 minutes, and wrote a few notes on the palm of my hand (yeah, super organised me!)

When I got there, I got a warm welcome and joined the group just as they were about to have a break which gave me a chance to ask the group leader what to talk about. Phew! However, I was a little shocked to hear I had 25 minutes to fill!!!!! I was really nervous but managed to string together pretty much my life story, which luckily the audience found interesting. They had lots of questions for me and were impressed by what I have achieved in a year. It was such a great feeling that not only had these guys listened but also trusted my opinion on things!

On the way home I pretty much skipped to my car with glee as I have been invited back again next month when a new group starts. I might have told a few of my friends a small white lie that I now work for the Prince....


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