Monday, 29 August 2011

Guest Post - How to have your best year ever

 It was my birthday this week, and that always makes me reflect a little on life! So I have sourced a useful guest post about having the best year ever.....

Brighton C x

I'm approaching another new year of my life and many people are looking back at past months and questioning what they have done in their lives. The problem with this is you should never turn a new year looking back. You should always meet the upcoming year with plans for what you will do with your life in the coming twelve months.

If you have been successful this year, then you will have a better starting point for next year. You still should not spend too much time looking backward because that time is best spent setting goals that will move you forward even more. Where you are in your life right now is your starting point. Don't look back. Start at this point. What can you achieve in the year to come?

Turning Goals into Reality

Effective goals always look forward. You can't set a goal for the past because there is no way to travel back in time and make them come true. Therefore, you are forced to set goals that predict what could happen in your future. New Years is of course the most popular time of year for goal setting, but you have to go about this a bit differently than you may have done in years past.

You have probably been told in the past that writing your goals down will reinforce them in your brain and make it more likely that you will stick to them. The truth is writing them down is not enough. You also need to do all of the following if you are to succeed with your goals in the coming year:

    Make sure your goals are realistic.
    Make sure your goals reflect your deepest desires for the coming year.
    Create an action-based plan that will ensure the goal comes true.
    Create a support team around you and inform them of what your goals are.
    Make a sincere commitment to working toward those goals for the next year.

That is what it takes to turn those goals into a year of success. Even more importantly, working toward those goals will ensure you the best year of your life. There is nothing like working hard at personal changes and watching your life transform.

Setting Realistic Goals

You first have to identify what your deepest desires are for the upcoming year. In your wildest dreams, what would you achieve in the next year of your life? Once this is decided, you can come up with goals that can realistically be achieved within a period of twelve months. You may not be able to make your wildest dreams come true, but you can get a great start on them and increase the odds of those dreams coming true in future years.

Don't set yourself up for disappointment by setting goals that cannot possibly be achieved. Make sure they are realistic and possible within the span of a year.

The Plan of Action

Don't stop with goal setting. Create a detailed plan of action that shows how you will turn those goals into success. These are the commitments that you will immerse yourself in for the next twelve months.

If the plan of action looks like a lot of work, split it up into mini goals. Once one commitment is mastered add on the next. By the end of the year you will make amazing progress and will enjoy the best year of your life!
Please visit The Personal Development Company to learn more about How To Have Your Best Year Ever as well as other Jim Rohn Books

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Never seen a cupcake

One evening in Brighton I was at my friend's house party for his birthday. Any excuse for a baking session, I made him a batch of cupcakes as a present. I got talking with a lovely lady who had just moved to Brighton from France, and had grown up in Iraq. She was extremely curious about the cupcakes, and wanted to know what they were for and what they were called. She'd told me she'd been seeing them in shop windows in Brighton and due to their extortionate prices of £2.75 didn't realise they were cakes but thought they were some kind of decoration. There are several cupcake boutiques in Brighton, which look lovely and pink and sparkly from the outside but I've never dared go in. I can't justify spending that sort of money when my cupcakes are pretty tasting and I can make 12 of them for a few pounds!

I was pretty excited that I would get to tell someone, from scratch what a cupcake was. I've been making them throughout my childhood and love baking. I explained about the sponge mix, how it started off plain and we learnt to experiment with chocolate, fruit fillings and raisins. Then I got on to the icing. So many colours, patterns, tastes and tiny decorations, all very girly of course! She vowed to go home and look up a recipe and start making cupcakes. Now if only The Great British Bake Off was on earlier this year she would have seen a fantasic demonstration of experimental flavours and fancy toppings. I've still got loads of Giant Cupcake photos to upload and will be adding a recipe here, but in the meantime if you're not salivating already and heading of to the nearest bakery I've added some pictures to this post. Enjoy!

Brighton C x

Monday, 22 August 2011

A fashionable new project

I've been busy writing this week for a fashion blog. I'm really excited to be writing for the Poison Angel blog, a Chelsea based luxury menswear collection.This is part of the work I carry out with I Say! Promotions. The portfolio is slowly expanding and it's really great to be writing for such prestigious clients.

So far I've learnt about three designers, from Tokyo, Korea and Italy. The clothes are absolutely gorgeous and if I had the disposable income AB would be wearing some of these. You can see my work on the Poison Angel Blog here

Brighton C x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nine Rooms Karaoke Brighton, A review.

For some time I have wondered why Nine Rooms karaoke is called Nine Rooms. I guessed it had Nine Rooms in it. But I only counted 5 on my virgin visit to the Brighton Lanes based party place. I had been terribly excited all week. I do love a good sing song, and was particularly looking forward to a rare girls' night out.

UV Wall Paintings!
When we got to the venue, we were impressed by the UV paintings and the nicely decorated rooms. The service was friendly and prompt. However, with only 5 of us, we seemed to rattle around a bit in the room. And after an hour in there (sessions are 2 hours long) I felt a bit like we were in a padded cell. We were being brought drinks from the bar, but still, the only things in the room are the seats, mics, small control panel, big screen and some flashy lights. It was fun that we could change the light settings oursleves, but drunk people and light switches can get a bit uncoordinated after a while! We had a pitcher of cocktail (juice and vodka, to be expected). And another.

I felt the evening was a bit lacking in atmosphere really. We had fun, but there are only so many songs you can scream along to (only two mics, and not very loud ones at that) before you get hoarse and distracted, and it just seems like there's more going on if you're in a bar full of people. I've had more fun playing singstar at friend's houses.

It was hard to choose songs as there was no catalogue; we had to type a song name or artist in to the control panel for anything to come up. What's more, the touchscreen control panel was slow and need a blooming good tap to make it type anything. Later on we realised we were supposed to have fancy dress. They gave us a bin with 5 rather mangled wigs which we didn't really fancy putting on our heads knowing they had serve many a stag and hen party and possibly doubled up as merkins...(google it if you're brave!)

Nine Rooms are do have special offers on their rates so if these are running I'd say give it a go for a laugh if you're Brighton based. (take your own fancy dress!)

Brighton C x

Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Importance of a Stylish Bedroom

 So AB and I are still "working" on our luxurious comforting bedroom scheme...who knows we might get it finished by Christmas!! While I nag him about the wallpapering, I've got the lovely people at the very stylish Brighton store Ligne Roset to write a little Guest Post about the Importance of a Stylish Bedroom - maybe I should read it aloud to AB ;-)

Brighton C x

A bedroom is more than a place to collapse at night after a long day's work. If you have an active family, your bedroom may be the one room in your house where you’re free to express your personal tastes and preferences. In your bedroom, you can create a retreat defined by your own unique style. In the evening, a stylish bedroom restores a sense of calm as you rest and recharge in a beautifully appointed atmosphere. In the morning, waking up surrounded by contemporary bedroom furniture in a stylish modern platform bed or a romantic bed draped with a sheer canopy sets the tone for a positive, rewarding day.

Defining Your Style

The first step in designing a stylish bedroom is to define your personal style. While some home owners have a strong sense of their likes and dislikes, others need to spend time exploring the colors, textures, fabrics, flooring and lighting schemes that appeal to them. As you plan your bedroom, collect images from magazines, design books or online photo collections that hold your attention. Use your favorite images to guide your search for furniture, bedding, flooring and window treatments. The photos you choose for your scrapbook will help you decide whether you’re attracted to a romantic décor, an understated contemporary look, an eclectic style or an elegantly formal decorating scheme.

Selecting Colors and Textures 

When you’re redesigning your bedroom, the colors and textures you choose form the foundation of your decorating ideas. The colors of a room can have a powerful effect on your mood. Choose colors that you find refreshing and rejuvenating, like serene blues and greens or warm, cheerful yellows and pinks. Pale shades of ivory or eggshell complement a tranquil, minimalist décor. The textures of your upholstery, bedding and flooring should appeal to your senses and invite you to relax. Silky silky bedding and lush carpets blend style with a deep sense of comfort.

Planning Lighting and Window Treatments

The natural and artificial lighting you choose for your bedroom are as important as your furniture and accessories. You can enlarge your personal space and illuminate a stylish bedroom by installing a bay window. A bay window projects away from the house in a geometric shape, flooding your bedroom with light. Floor-length drapes with matching valances lend a dramatic, formal touch to your bedroom decor and keep your bedroom private and quiet after dark. At night, the glow from a row of subtle track lights or a set of vintage wall sconces will soothe you to sleep. A classic tiffany floor lamp or a graceful contemporary torchiere provides light for reading. A stylish bedroom is not just a place to sleep and change clothes; it’s your private haven away from a busy world. It is well worth investing in designer lighting to really accentuate your perfect bedroom layout. Ligne Roset offer a wide selection of contemporary, designer furniture.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Brighton C at the cinema: Bridesmaids

I went to see Bridesmaids last night with a female friend. After I'd got over the shock of paying £8.50 for a ticket (haven't been to mainstream cinema for a while, obviously!) I was pleased to get in to the auditorium as it wasn't too busy.

I'd heard the film be compared to The Hangover. But I haven't seen The Hangover so that wasn't much use to me. But from the trailers of Bridesmaids I knew it would be a little bit shocking and probably very funny.

I had a great time. I'm usually a bit of a fidget, but I really enjoyed the film, laughed out loud more than a few times and nearly vomited at the toilet scene. But I also felt heartwarmed by the cute little love story that runs through the film. The main character is very easy to identify with, for me as a once single woman, which I think made the film quite realistic even though some of the story line is a little far fetched.

Chris O'Dowd (Guy from the IT crowd) plays an absolutely adorable character and I developed a strange crush on him in his police uniform!

Bridesmaids is still showing in most cinemas - see the Brighton Listings here.

Let me know if you've seen it, and what did you think?

Brighton C x

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Bargain Organic Surge Beauty Bundle on Offer!

I'm being lazy today and wasn't going to write much any way so just thought I'd share a fab special offer with you that I just found. You can get all of these amazing Organic Surge skin care products for the teeny tiny price of  £22.99!! They are great for sensitive skin like mine. The offer is exclusively on line so don't get caught speeding going to the shops as you won't find it there! It's from my favourite new shopping site KGB deals that I have already got some great things from!

Use this special offer link here  it's valid until Thursday

Enjoy! Would love to hear if any one has tried Organic Surge products or signed up to KGB Deals!

Brighton C x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Oreos Double Stuff = Double yummy

Double Stuff Oreos
I have always been an Oreo lover. Some time ago I was ecstatic to discover that sometimes, on a rare lucky occassion, one might be able to purchase strawberry cream filled Oreos. I got to a diet ruining point once where I was buying Oreos on a weekly basis, so I had to have a little break and now only occassionally buy the odd packet maybe once every few months. However... Uh Oh!! Naughty Oreos have now launched Double Stuff. At a denim bulging 71 calories each these are dangerous. I have also seen the new Oreos for sale on Amazon for £9.75 for a pack of 12 biscuits. Hmmmm. Mine were from Asda - £1! The double stuff definitely means double tasty! Oreo fans beware! Have you tried them??

Brighton C x