Saturday, 30 April 2011

A new camera Fuji Fine pix S7000

I'm so excited today, not only have I found a bargain Carnegie of London vintage dress, but I've received an amazingly kind donation of a Fuji Fine Pix S7000 camera to help with my photos on the websites and to enjoy taking some pictures of the beautiful sunsets in Brighton. I've been practicing with the macro function but I'll definitely have to read up on the rest!

I'm so pleased :)

Brighton C x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Food Product review - Lactose free cheese.

I've been trying out alternatives to cow's milk this week. One of the products I found in Morrison's was some lactose free cheese called Lactofree. I've tried low fat cheese before and didn't really enjoy it. I'm a fan of mature cheddar.

The cheese that I tried looked like Swiss cheese when I opened it. It's pale, and feels quite rubbery. I had a feeling it would be just as disappointed as the low fat cheese. But actually once I had melted the lactose free cheese onto a jacket potato, I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes very creamy and adds to the food. I think the texture and flavour reminds me of mozzarella, as when it's melted it's pale and very stretchy. It's not a replacement for strong cheddar but does add a bit more substance to dishes that are deserving of cheese, and would be good for pizza and pasta.

Brighton C x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brighton Creative's work published

Woop! I just got some more work published. I haven't shared any links to my editorial pages yet, so here is the exciting first one I'll share, published All Women Stalk. It's an article about massage. I love writing for women's sites, it makes my girl power shine through.

UPDATE:  I've added a new page with links to all of my published writing, in case you get bored waiting for a bus or something you can read 'em all.
Brighton C x

The evil eczema attack

I am not looking entirely beautiful at the moment. Remember the purple shampoo incident? Well, that has triggered an evil eczema attack on my face, neck and arms, being a particular itchy, swollen nuisance around my eyes.

It was so bad that I found myself at the emergency docs. They told me I need to see a dermatologist as my case is chronic. So until the referral happens, from my usual GP, which is likely to take aaaaaages....I have decided to look in to what I can do to help myself.

I realised I've been eating a lot of dairy products so have been looking at how I can change my diet a bit. I have bought some lactose free cheese. I was not impressed, I'll leave you to read the review! I've also bought some goats milk, yet to be tried, but an essential as I can't function without my shreddies.

Lashings of E45 cream - this seems to help as long as I put it on every hour - yes really - not very practical in the office! I've also been prescribed Diprobase which I'll pick up tomorrow. I'm ditching the steroid creams I've had previously as they have thickened my sking too much. I'm also staying away from all sorts of make up as much as poss and will be researching some hyperallergenic stuff for the future.

Sunbeds - I popped in to Kwik Tan in St James Street, Brighton. I heard light therapy helps and I've not been allowed in the sun so I wanted to top up my tan. In the past I felt sunbeds had helped my eczema although I'm not convinced this evening after my 3 minutes :(

No chocolate - so I tried some new sweets instead.

Anti-histamine - only before bed time though, otherwise I'm guaranteed to be found faceplanted on my laptop.

I'm not going to put up pictures of my eczema as it's not really that nice to look at and although I'm not ashamed of it I don't really like to show it off. Maybe I'll put a picture up of my arm and face when it's all healed. (fingers crossed) so instead I have decided to put up a picture of the annoyingness of eczema personified......

Brighton C x

as annoying as a constant itch.......

Friday, 22 April 2011

The lovely Princes Trust

I had a meeting on Wednesday with my Princes Trust programme manager Mandy. She's really a pleasure to spend time with and so personable. Sadly she'll be passing me on to a mentor soon but I'm sure we haven't met for the last time.

I'm getting a step closer to receiving some funding - hopefully I'll get a 'Will it Work Grant' soon to help me test out some of my business ideas further. I just need to fill out a few questions and email it off this week and cross my fingers. It's pretty exciting, as it means I can develop the Brighton Mix website further and hopefully start making a small amount of money from it.

Brighton C x

Fancy a cuppa your Highness?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Trying out Hot Bikram yoga for the first time in Brighton

Yesterday evening I used a Groupon voucher I had bought for a course of 10 Bikram yoga sessions at Bikram in the Lanes. They are a hot yoga studio in the centre of Brighton, offering classes from 7am to 7pm for up to 30 people at a time.

It's called hot yoga because the room is heated up to 42 degress celcius, and is kept humid. Wow that's hot I hear you cry, and let me tell you, it certainly is. I'd always wanted to have a go at hot yoga because I quite enjoy a good detox in the steam room and I like yoga, so combining the two sounding pretty interesting. I was a bit chicken and asked a friend to come to the first class with me. I'm glad I did, as when we got there it seemed like everyone there was a relentless yoga goer as they were all rushing around in very small hot pants and crop tops and the men were in swimming trunks and speedos!

When we arrived at the class, the teacher was lovely. She kept the pace really well and didn't leave the beginners behind. It took us a while to get over the heat of the room before trying to get our head round the exercises. The heat really is intense, and I started to sweat after a few minutes.

After 30 minutes of stretches we were allowed to have a couple of sips of water and stand still for 30seconds. Then we were asked to get onto the floor. I genuinely thought this was the relaxation part (the end) of the class as we were both exhausted and very sweaty. But it was the start of the floor exercises which were even more intense.

As we got into our floor routine, any self consciousness or paranoia I had about sweat patches went completely out of the window. Everyone in the room was literally dripping from every pore, including the teacher. During a few of the poses sweat ran up my nose and in my eyes and a couple of times in the mouth - bleurgh. But it did feel good to be detoxing so much. I did have a wobbly moment when I thought I might faint but we'd already been told what to do when this happened so I wasn't worried and just rested.

By the end of the class I felt a lot more in tune with my body, like we had been through a lot together. My mind was very relaxed and almost meditative. Having a shower after the class was the best feeling ever! I felt a massive sense of achievement having just been through a 90 minute endurance test! Both my friend and I had a lot of energy after the class and even felt like exercising some more! (We had thai food instead)

I'm looking forward to going back but I'm not going to rush through the course; I think once a fortnight will be enough although it's recommended that you go everyday!!

PS. This isn't a sponsored post, I've written about it because it was an unusual experience and might help others decide if hot yoga is for them. 

Brighton C x

Monday, 11 April 2011

Ebaying all day - Vintage clothing and inspired jewellery

My Sundays are usually spent either bargain hunting or selling my treasures on Ebay. I've been know to list 15 items on a few Sundays. The things I sell are vintage clothing, shoes, accessories and retro jewellery. My eBay name is Loved Again Clothing, which was where the idea for my website started from.

I've got some lovely pieces on sale this week, and wish I had more time as I still have a whole rail full to put on. eBay selling can be quite time consuming, so I hoping one day I'll discover a short cut I've been missing! I like to pay attention to detail to my listings and try to make them as fun and useful to read as possible. I'm reaaly proud of my 100% positive feedback score and do everything I can to keep it.

I'd love to know how to get these 3 pictures all on one line, this is something I struggle with! If any one can help please leave a comment. xx

This is a gorgeous vintage pink ruffled camisole with corsage feature that I'm starting bids on at £3.99
This is a fabulous 1950s long spotted vintage dress from Nightingales, starting at £3.99

This pretty little cherry sun dress isn't on yet, but will be starting at £2.99 when I get it online. Sad to see this go but it just isn't me any more.

Brighton C x

Horrible Allergic reaction to purple shampoo - Pro-Voke a Touch of Silver

I recently coloured my hair, with bleach as I am hoping to be completely platinum blonde in a couple of months in an attempt to funk up my look. For my sins, I spent some time when I was younger as an apprentice in a hair dressers in Brighton. It was horrible, but I did learn quite a lot. I had seen a lot of bleach disasters, and heard a lot of recommendations, so I knew that the perfect companion to newly bleached hair was 'purple shampoo' as it neutralises brassy tones.

I used some yesterday morning. My hair certainly looks nicer and the blonde is more crisp. But my face looks horrific!! I've had a horrible allergice reaction to the shampoo. Over the course of the day my eyes, face and neck became more itchy. I woke up this morning and my eye was so swollen I could hardly open or close it and it throbbed like crazy. (First picture) I've taken anti-histamine but still looking swollen (2nd picture) The soreness is driving me mad and I had to go to the office with no make up on and a swollen red face.

I'll have to chuck out this bottle of neutraliser I think! Of course not everyone will react in the same way, but I just wanted to help girls to be aware of the affects some cosmetics can have without even thinking about it. I would advise anyone to put a small amount of a new product on the back of their neck or hand 24hours before they use it just to check they won't get gammy pink eye like me. It's not nice

Brighton C x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

I made this #1 - Vintage style lucky swallows necklace

I thought it was about time I started sharing some of the jewellery I make. I'm really pleased with this vintage inspired lucky swallows necklace. I've been wearing mine non-stop and have had so many comments on it. I'm currently selling this on eBay for £7.99 with free postage.