Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My first Brighton clothes shop

Soooooo..... I said earlier that there were lots of exciting things to report, and this is one of them. I have got my first ever little clothes shop. Well, it's just a rail with some clothes on and a sign, but it means a lot to me. Ever since I can remember I've wanted to own my own clothes shop, and now I'm adult it's something I am seriously aspiring to and working towards. My online brand Loved Again Clothing has been growing slowly since November and here is the next step So to have this little rail of modern vintage that is going to be at The Pint Size Craft market makes me very happy. If I manage to sell 2 or 3 things I will be very happy indeedy.

Brighton C x

Monday, 21 March 2011

A lovely little Thank you

I got a nice little surprise in the post over the weekend. My friend sent me a Thank you card, as AB and I had contributed towards her birthday present and I also made her a giant cupcake cake (or half of one, photos to follow!) She is a great friend who regularly sprinkles sunshine in to my day with her kind thoughts and messages. 

She covered the envelope in lovely little cupcake stickers and put some on the inside too - which of course I have taken off and saved so that  I can us them for something crafty!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

So much going on, so many photos and so much to write about

Wow. I've taken lots of photos these past two days, as lots of exciting things have happened. I'll be writing a post a day probably this week to get all the photos on here as I think they're worth seeing. Expect lots of random short bursts of creativity over the next few days. For now, I am distracting myself from doing my errrrg book keeping for I Say! Promotions to keep the tax man and mortgage company happy. I despise doing my accounts and long for the days I can pay someone else to do them!

Friday, 18 March 2011

SOLVED: The Coffee Conundrum

I am pleased to announce that the coffee conundrum has been solved.

Now that I have become more acquainted with my colleagues, I have come to realise that because the coffee machine is so complicated, only one person is trained in its use: The Intern and the supervisor. So I am happy in the knowledge that I am neither expected nor allowed to make coffee for everyone. Hurrah! I simply enjoy the morning round that the intern makes and feel all the better for it.

The only thing is, I've given up coffee for lent. I feel better, but I really want a coffee now I've been writing about it again. 10days down and counting...

Will blog, post, link and shout for treasure!!

As part of my role as a digital marketeer, I spend a lot of my time bringing joy to reputable bloggers by showering them with gifts in exchange for writing something lovely. I enjoy this part of my job. I'm very lucky that I have a new product to choose from every day so the possibilities are endless. Usually blog owners are chuffed to hear from me which makes it an enjoyable task! My aspiration is that one day, I will have lots of lovely followers on my hopefully inspiring blog and my site will be good enough for people to want to send me treasure to put in my treasure chest.

If I can't tempt bloggers with free gifts I can sometimes offer them fantastically cold hard cash. Of course this sounds appealing to me too. I write because I enjoy writing, I have lots to talk about and I hope that I can provide a little lightly entertaining reading for someone some where. But let's be honest, we are in a time of economic struggle and every penny counts, so I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at any offers, I'm no stickler for 'independence'. I'd also love to be able to put a little cash into my business to help it grow. I'm trying to raise £200 at the mo for an essential website upgrade, but unless it falls from the sky I'm going to struggle. I have considered looking for a sponsor but don't really know where to start. I'm spending a lot of time thinking about this one and when I know the answer I'll share......

PS If you have a blog that's been running for a year or more and your own domain name, give me a follow so I can see you and I could be sending you some treasure soon!

Brighton C x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Planning the launch party for Brighton Mix

Apart from excitedly planning 3 craft markets, I've also been planning the launch party for my website Brighton Mix . I'm really looking forward to it. I have the same anxiety that I'm sure any one planning a party might feel about no body turning up. But I've invited all of my friends so at worst we'll have a gathering on our own! I'm finding lots of ways to market the event, and building up a useful list for any Brighton clients I might acquire who also need help promoting an event. I've found my past experiences and contacts have been really helpful this time around.

I'm looking forward to getting the brand known and out there and interested to see how it takes off. Fingers crossed the free drinks and goodie bags will give people something to remember!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A busy night, and a busy day.

Last night I had a long and theraputic bedroom clearing sesh. At the back of the cupboard I found 3 crates of 'stuff', 2 dead moths, and my old school report. The stuff consisted of screwed up bits of once useful magazine cuttings, beads and bits of broken necklaces, odd earrings, rubber bands, christmas cards from relatives and a load of other dust collecting articles.

I managed to let go of 1 crateful to the black sack. So satisfying and enough for a couple of weeks. I also had a go at my wardrobe. All my slim me clothes are now zipped away while I try to loose my extra padding so I can fit in to them again. It's enough of a motivator for me I think, there are some gorgeous summer dresses in there.

Today I spent a lot of time walking around Brighton with Amazing S. She has lost her voice so I had to do all the talking today, pitching our craft fair idea to varyingly interested pub landlords. We've managed to book another 2 dates which is really exciting! We also manageed to visit a craft fair in town, and saw some great work and met lots of nice people including a very hot barman who made us both blush. All in all a very good day :)

Brighton C x

The Pint Size Craft Market - jewellery,textiles, ceramics, wall art and more

I am naughtily up past my bedtime again (well it is Friday night) into the wee small hours of Saturday. I'm really inspired, motivated and full of ideas so it seems a shame to waste them all on dreaming.

The thing I'm most excited about at the moment is the craft fair I'm organising with Wonderful S. Wonderful is is a new (6months) friend who is also creative and generally all round great. We decided to put our creativeness together, and fed up of paying other people extortionate amounts for poorly publicised craft fairs, we have decided to set up our own.

So here it is..........
I made the logo and flyer myself with my limited graphics skills. Not bad for a first attempt. I'm working on a poster too. Alongside this I'm getting my jewellery and clothing ready for my own stall. AB has been labelling things religiously for me every time he visits. He gets another amazing point for this. He is also buying us a new TV tomorrow. (3 months late)

Night night, 

Brighton C x

A fabulous discovery #1

Had to post a link here to these amazing creations belonging to German designer Nino. I stumbled upon them when I was looking for connection for Loved Again Retro on Facebook.


I absolutely love them! It's a shame they're expensive but it's clear to see the price reflects the amount of work put in

Brighton C x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

The Coffee Connundrum

So I have started working in a new office 2 days a week. I like it here. It's light and airy, has all the mod cons and most excitingly it has a frothy coffee making machine.

The trouble is, said frothy coffee machine looks rather intimidating, and after a stint in a cafe when I was 14 and used to burn myself regularly on the milk frother, I'm far too scared to use it and have no idea how it works. This puts me in the embarrassing situation of accepting coffees from my new colleagues, but not being able to offer to get a round in. I tell myself it's not so bad as they are here 5 days a week, and sometimes I think maybe because I'm here for less time it allows me less time off for coffee making? (Or I am just trying to excuse myself here)

The other side of it is there is a bit of a language barrier between us all. Me being the only native English speaker, it has been difficult to exercise my usually dry sense of humour and make a joke out of the whole situation. I am going to make a humble effort today by offering to get a round of tap waters in, I think I can manage to prepare them at least. Coffee making is something to aspire to I guess.