Thursday, 8 December 2011

Upcycle your old clothes - Your clothes should be Loved Again!

Most of us could make a pretty big pile of clothes if we cleaned out our closet and set aside everything we wanted to sell or donate.  We sometimes find ourselves hanging on to pieces because they still look good but deep down we know they don’t look good on us.  Usually we donate clothes or have a garage sale.  It is certainly easier to do that but it doesn’t take much effort to reuse old clothing.  Thankfully, there are many ways we can reuse and salvage old clothes.

Repurpose your old clothing.  Those old jeans that you love but never wear can be cut into shorts.  If your pants are just a millimeter too short, have them tailored into capris. The sweater with the tight sleeves can be shaped into mittens or maybe a scarf.  What about those t-shirts that are just a bit too tight?  Use them in the winter time layered underneath the heavier clothing.  Some clothes could be transformed into clothing for your children or even your pet!  Think of your old clothes as unfinished works of art.

Swap your old clothes.  Start a clothing swap group with close friends and family.  Instead of donating or throwing out your old clothes, trade them!  The clothing will be used by others and you will also gain additions to your own wardrobe.  Swapping clothes can have the same effect as going on a shopping spree.  Simply set aside pieces you no longer wear, but remain in excellent condition, and have the rest of the clothing swap group do the same.  Make plans to get together and trade your clothes.  Take turns swapping to avoid an awkward moment of tug-of-war with a sister-in-law.

Donate your clothing.  If you are not able to find good use for your old clothes then someone will.  Try to notice those who are in need and what their particular needs are.  Anonymously share your clothes with them.  It is surprising how many people are in need that we never would think are.  Or give those clothes to your local charity.  Your clothes can also be given away on Craigslist or Freecycle.

Be resourceful.  If the clothes are damaged and not worth repairing or donating, consider saving the buttons and zippers or using the material for fashionable totes.  T-shirts can be transformed into pillow cases or even recyclable grocery bags.  Fill up those old socks with catnip and you have a new toy for your pet.  Don’t forget to keep some old clothes for messy projects like painting the house or cleaning out a flower bed.
You will feel so good about the empty space and extra hangers not to mention  reducing your household waste.  Sewing skills can be beneficial with recycling and re-using your wardrobe but not entirely necessary.  What would feel even better is knowing that you have helped a family by donating your clothes to them.   Use your imagination, be thoughtful and have fun!

 This post was written by my friend Terry Ford who is a writer with a passion for the environment. Her articles have been checked using the top grammar checker on the web.

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