Wednesday, 7 December 2011

My Third Week at Slimming World

What a great week it's been in terms of my Slimming World participation! This week I lost 3lbs, and won the Slimmer of the Week award, something I thought I'd never be in the running for. The nice thing is when someone wins they get a sticker, a certificate and a basket of fruit. I'm now just half a pound off losing half a stone. I can certainly notice the difference in the way my clothes fit.

I was surprised that my weight loss was so high because I hadn't stuck to the plan so well. AB made some amazing giant cupcakes and I had one and a half of these, as well as having my full 15 syns each day. I have been eating loads of fruit and veg though which I think has really helped speed up my metabolism, as well as moving offices so haven't had a lot of time to think about food. I didn't have my usually weekly gym session either!

I've bought a Slimming World  recipe book for healthy main meals so that I can invite friends to dinner and still cook something decent without worrying about my waistline. If I stay off the chocolate I'll even be able to have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner!

The thing I'm missing most is pizza, so in the oven right now is a concoction of flat bread, tomato sauce, healthy toppings and the teeniest sprinkly of cheese. Mmm cheeeeeeeeese 

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  1. Ok - maybe the pizza was a bad idea - I put on 0.5lbs that week! It seems that pizza and slimming world just don't go together so well. Nevermind!