Friday, 23 September 2011

Zaggora Weight Loss Hot Pants - My honest review

I had to try them. Everyone on the internet seems to have been talking about them. And they were on special offer, and I need to tackle that "c word" problem most of us ladies have! I would like to state that I have not been paid, given free stuff or bribed to write this post, I bought the Zaggora hot pants out of my own desperation.

Now first of all, they took AGES to arrive (about a month) and I had to pick them up from the post office in an embarrassing package that has HOT PANTS in massive writing across the bag - they really need to change this, the mid 50 year old postman smirked at me. I've got a photo so I'll upload it soon.

When I opened the hot pants package - cor they smell rubbery! - I wasn't quite sure about them but the booklet made it all sound good with the scientific medical research blurb. I wore them up the gym the same day and yes, as promised, my bum got very hot. Then I work them to work the next day. Not so hot, sitting at a desk. Then I decided to wear them under my jeans clubbing - nearly passed out. Then I decided I would wear the hot pants in bed (like they suggest) first night fine, and the next morning I was impressed.... but further bedtime wear has resulting in over heating at around the 2 hour mark - especially if AB is in the bed too.

After the first week of wear, despite being a bit uncomfortable, I kind of became addicted to wearing my Zaggora hot pants because every time I took them off, I noticed my skin was a lot smoother and those terrible dimples weren't so terrible. I also felt a little more, sculpted.

Now there is suppossed to be a "2 week challenge" and hot pant wearers have claimed to lose up to 2 dress sizes. I hate to say it, but I can actually believe this, if they are wearing them religiously. I can't handle being hot 14days in a row so am yet to take on the challenge, but one day I will do all the measurements before and after photos and the lot and post it on my blog. I promise.

If you'd like some hotpants, keep an eye out for special offers. Don't pay the full price of £44.98 for them, really. You can usually find them for about £20. Have you tried Hot Pants? Let us know your progress.

Brighton C x

PS: If you can't afford the hotpants or don't think they're for you, try a body contour cream like this one to help with cellulite and bingo wings - click on the image to learn more.


  1. Thank you for this review! I just ordered my hotpants. I will let you know how they go. I just hope they don't take forever to get here to the States. Thank you again!

  2. my concern is it is just pant area. it should be whole body suite like bra and short. i have some fats on y back and i hate them. i wish this hot pants like diving suite. well better than nothing huh? :)

    1. Hey Muge - I thought the same thing about a body suit, and I've suggested it on the Zaggora Facebook Page. Apparently they have some new products coming very soon so fingers crossed one of these will be a suit!! ;)

  3. I want these so bad, but can't find anywhere that sells them! I'm in the States though, so maybe I'll just have to get them directly from the company.

  4. Hey Jae, thanks for your comment.. are you signed up to emails from the daily deals sites like Living Social? That's where I got mine and the trousers from too - they do offers every 6 weeks or so, and you will save $$$!!

  5. They are on group on today

  6. Don't buy them - not worth your money. They are slow getting here, and they have awful customer service.

    I used to own the shorts, just bought a pair of pants in the same size and they burst open on my jog in public. So embarrassing. They were not helpful or apologetic to my situation and told me that next time I should "choose my sizing carefully". So rude.

    I will not purchase another item from Zaggora. So disappointing.

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