Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Heart East 17

Wowee last night I had a fabulous time at an East 17 gig in Brighton. at the Concorde2.No you haven't just found a time warp in the 1990s (did people blog back then?!?) E17 have reformed, replaced the troubled Brian Harvey with a bloke called Blair (who is a very pleasant chap, met him outside afterwards when he was greeting his fans!) and are about to release a new single.

As a birthday treat I went with my best girl buddies to see the pop group we all used to love when we were about 12. It was very cheesy in the lead up, my friend made us all some fab "fan club" medallions which we wore. There were some great warm up acts who we managed to have a natter with in the bar as they mingled with the audience which was good for publicity I think. After what felt like a very long wait, we felt the crowd swarm towards the stage and there the white t-shirt blinged up aged 4 were. So much screaming for a non teenage crowd! And lots of singing along. It was perfect and just the way I had hoped it would be when I was younger - I just had to wait a few years to see them. They were still as amazing as ever and their tops songs were "Stay another day" "Around the World" and "Steam" My crush on Tony came flooding back and I have embedded the song that made me fall for him.

How pleased was I when I got a little wave through the window after the gig!

Brighton C x 


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