Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Oreos Double Stuff = Double yummy

Double Stuff Oreos
I have always been an Oreo lover. Some time ago I was ecstatic to discover that sometimes, on a rare lucky occassion, one might be able to purchase strawberry cream filled Oreos. I got to a diet ruining point once where I was buying Oreos on a weekly basis, so I had to have a little break and now only occassionally buy the odd packet maybe once every few months. However... Uh Oh!! Naughty Oreos have now launched Double Stuff. At a denim bulging 71 calories each these are dangerous. I have also seen the new Oreos for sale on Amazon for £9.75 for a pack of 12 biscuits. Hmmmm. Mine were from Asda - £1! The double stuff definitely means double tasty! Oreo fans beware! Have you tried them??

Brighton C x

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