Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nine Rooms Karaoke Brighton, A review.

For some time I have wondered why Nine Rooms karaoke is called Nine Rooms. I guessed it had Nine Rooms in it. But I only counted 5 on my virgin visit to the Brighton Lanes based party place. I had been terribly excited all week. I do love a good sing song, and was particularly looking forward to a rare girls' night out.

UV Wall Paintings!
When we got to the venue, we were impressed by the UV paintings and the nicely decorated rooms. The service was friendly and prompt. However, with only 5 of us, we seemed to rattle around a bit in the room. And after an hour in there (sessions are 2 hours long) I felt a bit like we were in a padded cell. We were being brought drinks from the bar, but still, the only things in the room are the seats, mics, small control panel, big screen and some flashy lights. It was fun that we could change the light settings oursleves, but drunk people and light switches can get a bit uncoordinated after a while! We had a pitcher of cocktail (juice and vodka, to be expected). And another.

I felt the evening was a bit lacking in atmosphere really. We had fun, but there are only so many songs you can scream along to (only two mics, and not very loud ones at that) before you get hoarse and distracted, and it just seems like there's more going on if you're in a bar full of people. I've had more fun playing singstar at friend's houses.

It was hard to choose songs as there was no catalogue; we had to type a song name or artist in to the control panel for anything to come up. What's more, the touchscreen control panel was slow and need a blooming good tap to make it type anything. Later on we realised we were supposed to have fancy dress. They gave us a bin with 5 rather mangled wigs which we didn't really fancy putting on our heads knowing they had serve many a stag and hen party and possibly doubled up as merkins...(google it if you're brave!)

Nine Rooms are do have special offers on their rates so if these are running I'd say give it a go for a laugh if you're Brighton based. (take your own fancy dress!)

Brighton C x

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