Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Never seen a cupcake

One evening in Brighton I was at my friend's house party for his birthday. Any excuse for a baking session, I made him a batch of cupcakes as a present. I got talking with a lovely lady who had just moved to Brighton from France, and had grown up in Iraq. She was extremely curious about the cupcakes, and wanted to know what they were for and what they were called. She'd told me she'd been seeing them in shop windows in Brighton and due to their extortionate prices of £2.75 didn't realise they were cakes but thought they were some kind of decoration. There are several cupcake boutiques in Brighton, which look lovely and pink and sparkly from the outside but I've never dared go in. I can't justify spending that sort of money when my cupcakes are pretty tasting and I can make 12 of them for a few pounds!

I was pretty excited that I would get to tell someone, from scratch what a cupcake was. I've been making them throughout my childhood and love baking. I explained about the sponge mix, how it started off plain and we learnt to experiment with chocolate, fruit fillings and raisins. Then I got on to the icing. So many colours, patterns, tastes and tiny decorations, all very girly of course! She vowed to go home and look up a recipe and start making cupcakes. Now if only The Great British Bake Off was on earlier this year she would have seen a fantasic demonstration of experimental flavours and fancy toppings. I've still got loads of Giant Cupcake photos to upload and will be adding a recipe here, but in the meantime if you're not salivating already and heading of to the nearest bakery I've added some pictures to this post. Enjoy!

Brighton C x

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