Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Importance of a Stylish Bedroom

 So AB and I are still "working" on our luxurious comforting bedroom scheme...who knows we might get it finished by Christmas!! While I nag him about the wallpapering, I've got the lovely people at the very stylish Brighton store Ligne Roset to write a little Guest Post about the Importance of a Stylish Bedroom - maybe I should read it aloud to AB ;-)

Brighton C x

A bedroom is more than a place to collapse at night after a long day's work. If you have an active family, your bedroom may be the one room in your house where you’re free to express your personal tastes and preferences. In your bedroom, you can create a retreat defined by your own unique style. In the evening, a stylish bedroom restores a sense of calm as you rest and recharge in a beautifully appointed atmosphere. In the morning, waking up surrounded by contemporary bedroom furniture in a stylish modern platform bed or a romantic bed draped with a sheer canopy sets the tone for a positive, rewarding day.

Defining Your Style

The first step in designing a stylish bedroom is to define your personal style. While some home owners have a strong sense of their likes and dislikes, others need to spend time exploring the colors, textures, fabrics, flooring and lighting schemes that appeal to them. As you plan your bedroom, collect images from magazines, design books or online photo collections that hold your attention. Use your favorite images to guide your search for furniture, bedding, flooring and window treatments. The photos you choose for your scrapbook will help you decide whether you’re attracted to a romantic décor, an understated contemporary look, an eclectic style or an elegantly formal decorating scheme.

Selecting Colors and Textures 

When you’re redesigning your bedroom, the colors and textures you choose form the foundation of your decorating ideas. The colors of a room can have a powerful effect on your mood. Choose colors that you find refreshing and rejuvenating, like serene blues and greens or warm, cheerful yellows and pinks. Pale shades of ivory or eggshell complement a tranquil, minimalist décor. The textures of your upholstery, bedding and flooring should appeal to your senses and invite you to relax. Silky silky bedding and lush carpets blend style with a deep sense of comfort.

Planning Lighting and Window Treatments

The natural and artificial lighting you choose for your bedroom are as important as your furniture and accessories. You can enlarge your personal space and illuminate a stylish bedroom by installing a bay window. A bay window projects away from the house in a geometric shape, flooding your bedroom with light. Floor-length drapes with matching valances lend a dramatic, formal touch to your bedroom decor and keep your bedroom private and quiet after dark. At night, the glow from a row of subtle track lights or a set of vintage wall sconces will soothe you to sleep. A classic tiffany floor lamp or a graceful contemporary torchiere provides light for reading. A stylish bedroom is not just a place to sleep and change clothes; it’s your private haven away from a busy world. It is well worth investing in designer lighting to really accentuate your perfect bedroom layout. Ligne Roset offer a wide selection of contemporary, designer furniture.

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