Thursday, 28 July 2011

Vandalising my Paula Rosa kitchen

I am very fortunate to live in a new build property, that I bought 2 years ago. When I moved in, everything was pristine, new carpets, new bathroom, new oven, freshly painted....but also very *shudder* beige.
I have put my stamp on most of the rooms with a feature wall, and nice decor, but have battled with the kitchen the most.

It's a lovely finish, with Paula Rosa cabinets and high gloss, but the colour "Lattecino" (which is actually a shiny beige colour) makes me feel a bit nauseous. The fact that my mother "Loves" the colour also indicates that it isn't quite the fresh feeling I've been going for throughout the flat. AB and I have agreed (he's moving in soon) that black cupboards would be a lot more appealing and less offensive, and also blend in to the open plan area a lot better.

 We had a false start decorating the cupboards with a roll of black adhesive vinyl meant for car decals. (my idea) Binbag chic, i.e crinkly shiny and cheap didn't really look right so we had to rip it off and go back to the drawing board. During a visit, the mother was indeed horrified by my plans to modify the cupboard doors, which made me want to do it even more!

After a rebellious trip to B&Q on my own (more to be revealed later) I found a great spray paint and thought I'd try that. The finish is perfect, flawless and classy and just what we were hoping for. So project cupboard door is well underway in the spare hours we have. The mother visited yesterday and is now in fact in awe of my handywork... (as usual, doubt first, congratulate after success is proven!)

 The spray paint I used was £7.98, I used 4 very thin coats letting each one dry first. It's called "Plasti-Kote Projekt Paint" in "Satin Super" finish ! can will do 3 - 4 doors.

Brighton C x

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