Saturday, 23 July 2011

Npower get it very, very wrong

I've hurt my neck this week so have had to stay away from the laptop to rest. But I just had to log on and let you all know that nPower have gone a bit crazy. They must be a bit confused with all these price hikes that are happening.

I've been having an ongoing debate with customer service over a £2873 bill. They have read the wrong meter and are trying to say that me, on my own, in my solar panel powered eco-friendly one bedroom flat uses 34 units per day. So of course I am debating this. I'm convinced they have the wrong meter details for my flat, so I've provided new readings and new details. From these new details, my recalculated bill is now £119,332.57 for 2 years electricity use. Now that really is a price hike.....

Brighton C x


  1. oh my god!!! thats ludicrous! have they sorted the problem yet?? i've got all this to look forward to in the new flat, joys!


  2. Sadly still not sorted - a nice lady called Kath on their complaints team is trying to help me out though, poor Kath! Advice for new flat - keep 1 folder with every letter/new bill/old occupants details and notes of readings in it! xx