Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Golfing girl - Brighton C on trying golf for the first time

I was very lucky to take my summer holiday this year on a beautiful golf resort in Alicante, Spain. I booked the holiday here partly because of the luxurious accomodation, but also because AB loves golf and plays around 3 times per week, so I thought it would be a real treat for him to play abroad.

The golf club had good facilities, a driving range, pitch and putt practise area, buggies, a club house restaurant and bar and a beautiful course planted with palm trees, exotic flowers, water features, geese and mountains. The views were breath taking and AB said it was the nicest course he had ever played. As golf was rather expensive to play on such a nice course, we only booked a tee time for him. I was his glamorous caddie and buggy driver. That's not me in the picture of course. I'm told that pro golfers pay hot girls a lot of money to caddy for them, and I have respect for these girls as not only doing the have to keep in shape but also need to know which club to use and carry the heavy bag of clubs around 18 holes!

I was a bit nervous about driving the buggy at first, but after I got used to it, we had so much fun driving across the course over bumps and around trees. The buggy also provided welcome shade from the 32degree heat whilst we waited for players in fromt of us to finish the holes.

AB looked the part a bit more than I did, with his posh leather glove, pro shirt and golf shoes. I had trainers, cotton shorts, straw hat and a vest on like a true holiday maker. I was a little envious of the more experienced ladies who had smart tailored shorts, polo shirts and matching visors or cute pleated skirts.

Before starting on the course, we visited the driving range, where AB bought a bucket of practise balls and let me use his sandwich (sand wedge, apparently) He taught me how to swing and hit the ball. I had learnt from him at home and in the gym, as well as playing on the Wii fit but never tried swinging with a real club or ball. I found setting up my posture easy because I have good balance from yoga paractise. I found it difficult to firstly hit the ball (it's small!) and also swing my arms and body in a way it wasn't used to. My best shot was around 75 yards.

We then moved on to 'chipping' which was more difficult, but once I learnt the technique I enjoyed it. I've realised that learning golf takes a lot of practise and patience. I'd really like to have a go at a game, so am planning to visit a 9 hole casual course nearby with a friend very soon. I always thought golf was a bit boring, but now I can see the attraction. It's very relaxing as it takes time to stroll around the course, and also requires skill which is rewarded with achievement. I've definitely caught the golf bug.

Brighton C x

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