Sunday, 17 July 2011

Brighton C on Habitat Going into Administration

My heart did sink a little when I heard that Habitat were going in to administration. I had always aspired to own a full Habitat crockery set, including tea cups and saucers, milk, jug, sugar bowl, butter dish... in one of their quirky retro inspired prints. But that was all it was - aspiration. I could never quite justify their prices for things that I don't really need when down the road almost identical products were on sale for 7 times less.

I happened to be in the shopping centre with my friend who wasn't aware of the latest retail catastrophy, and was excited by the thought of grabbing a 'tat bargain. After 10 minutes looking around at damaged lampshades, scratched tables and over priced clocks, I had to leave as claustrophobia set in. I hate shopping in town especially on Saturdays. I left him in the queue with a folding table and chairs that he could have bought £20 cheaper than the sale price in Argos.

I will miss you and your quirky crokery Habitat, but you're still not getting my hard earned cash.

Brighton C x


  1. Oh no I didn't know that, I thought they were just having a sale! :(