Sunday, 24 July 2011

5 of the world's most expensive and outrageous spa treatments - Guest post

The therapeutic and holistic nature of the Spa has been soothing peoples’ ailments for thousands of years.  Indeed in the UK alone there are a number of Spa towns that are testament to the popularity of Spas in the Roman times and with the ever-increasing number of Spa break offerings in modern times spas are becoming big business.
To show you the extent some people will go to relax, here is a top 5 list of some of the most outrageous treatments on offer.

1 Evian bath at The Hotel Victor in Florida, USA
The Hotel Victor offers “the world’s most expensive bath” at a cool $5000. However, because you can only access the treatment by booking the Hotel’s penthouse, which is a further $6000 -totalling $11,000 dollar for a bath. But don’t worry; my research indicates the 350 gallons (that’s 1000 bottles) of Evian water used for the bath is heated up to your optimum temperature, so at least it’s a warm bath.

2 K Gold Facial – Using 24 karat gold
This treatment originates in Japan and now has offerings all over the world. The idea is that 24 karat gold leaves are applied to the face to form a mask, and the anti-aging properties gold contains help to reduce wrinkles and leave your skin feeling smooth and revitalised.
Compared to the Evian bath it is a snip at between £250-£450 per session.

3 Diamond Massage
This is a massage with a twist, a 1 million dollar twist to be precise. The massage involves real diamonds being placed along the spine, which are then massaged into the back. The procedure is supposed to relieve the body of electromagnetic toxins caused by mobiles and computers, I can’t help but wonder if it would work with pebble-dash, and with the price in the £25,000 region I may just try it!

4 Caviar Massage at La Prairie Spa New York
For me, this doesn’t sound at all pleasant. But looking further into the procedure I found that, at least on one positive note, there is no fishy smell that comes with the caviar. The caviar is said to contain an exfoliating property that helps to firm the skin and moisturise and will set you back around $450 for 150 minutes, which actually is not that steep in comparison to other treatments in this list.

5 Aroma-Listic Day Spa Pedicure
This may be the least expensive of the bunch at around £200, but it is the sheer nature of the treatment that brings it to the attention of this list. Having spent an hour on your toes the final treatment of the day is to slather white chocolate strawberry truffle all of your feet, for a further 50 minutes – for me, that seems like a waste of great truffle!
Some of these treatments are so outrageous you worry there is a demand for it, in fact, if you can take anything away from this it would be that some people have more money than sense!
Matthew loves spas, but only uses affordable spa vouchers or a cheap Spa break vouchers from his local offering. He is a keen swimmer and fitness guru and loves a gentle swim after a day at the spa.

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