Sunday, 26 June 2011

The new craze of Dog Dyeing makes me feel sick

I was on facebook this morning and up on my news feed was this picture. Someone had shared it because they thought it was 'wrong but cool'. Their friends went on to share links to a whole collection of dog dyeing.

It's apparently the new craze sweeping through China. Not content with the full range of apparel available for poor little poochies, they have now taking to dying their dog's coats to make them look like tigers, pandas and even flourescent 80s throw-backs.
This isn't a new idea as pink poodles have been around for years, but now every breed of dog seems to be target for this horrendous fashion statement.

You might argue that the dog looks happy, it doesn't know, etc etc. But I just find it really upsetting to think the poor dog has been graffitied on with permanent dye. It must be pretty confusing for him to say the least. I think this is on a par with 4 year old girls being tarted up with make-up. I'd be interested to know what everyone else thinks, so comment below if this story has riled you!

Brighton C x


  1. I must say I really don't see a big problem with thus, it looks a bit silly and laughable but I think it's essentially harmless.
    It is depressing that people always have to change animals to suit their needs, but I think when there's horrible, painful things like ear clipping, declawing and tail docking I don't think a bit of dye is that big a deal. Especially as they use non-permanant, non-toxic dyes. I honestly don't think the dog would care, firstly they're colour blind so half the time I doubt they'll even know and they're not able to recognise themselves in the mirror.
    I wouldn't do it to my dogs but I don't have a problem with other people doing it.

  2. Hey Lillian, thanks for your comment, I feel a bit better about it now I know that dogs are colour blind etc so they might not notice, and you have a good point about people changing animals to meet their own needs...

  3. I think it's wrong.

    There is absolutely no reason to alter an animal's appearance so much, just for the amusement of the owner. :(

    The Cat Hag