Friday, 10 June 2011

I've fallen out of love with Primark

Yes, it's true. The shop that has earned itself around 50% of my disposable income in the last 5 years is going to get dumped. I've had enough. I've sworn to myself many a time over the past year or so that I won't be gracing the threshold of the Western Road branch of Brighton Primark. Yet a strange magnetic pull seems to surround that bloomin' shop.

I walk past and try to think of a reason I MUST go in there, knowing I'll come out with half a new wardrobe of cotton and polyester mix that will shrink in the wash, grow holes quickly and ballet pumps that will trip me up as they fall apart after 2 weeks of wear.

Last year I was very angry when I found an almost identical replica of one of my boutique jewellery designs on sale for £1, but hey that's business, what can I do. I still went back for more bank account abuse just weeks later.

My favourite lady Mary Portas queen of shops even boycotted the terrible Primark which made me like her even more. But I still went back for more. Their floral patterns lured me in.

Today I went in to look for a bikini, after the size 14 one I bought in there last week and didn't try on (who would, with a queue like that) is near pornographic as it barely covers the bits it should. So I spent almost an hour sauntering around for a replacement size 16 feeling pretty depressed that I'm 3 weeks away from my beach holiday feeling fat. So I went for what looked like a good size, got home and yes, you guessed it - top too big, bottoms still too small. How is it that the size 12 trousers I bought in the same shop 3 weeks ago hang off my waist, but according to their bikini bottom designers I'm a voluptuous size 18. I know I yo-yo diet but that's a little extreme!

I picked up some funky beach shorts for Amazing B as he's not fussy and no doubt they'll fit him. If they don't, he can take them back along with the 2 bikinis I have now wasted £20 on. I am NEVER going in Primark again. I will save my money and invest in some nice clothes from Oasis or Jaeger instead. Sorry Primark, you're dumped!!!

Brighton C x

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