Saturday, 4 June 2011

Buying a car on eBay - Simples!

I've bought a car. I am in shock. I won it on eBay. Within 24 hours of placing my bid, the car was paid for, delivered to my house and I was insured and driving it. All on a bank holiday as well.

I've been using eBay for a long time now, so I've kind of learnt to recognise a good and bad seller. It's a bit like having a sixth sense. And when it comes to buying a car on eBay, you certainly have to have your wits about you. I took a chance bid on a Ford Ka, something I have been doing for the past month, thinking I wouldn't be lucky enough to win. After being outbid a lot I wasn't expecting this little beauty to be mine for just £808.00

With Brighton being such a nightmare for parking, and traffic jams, there definitely isn't room for a large car in my life right now. I just wanted something to stop me having to get the bus and cart my stock around, and to nip between meetings and Brighton Mix socials. 

The seller was based in Brighton and had a squeaky clean feedback profile, which was all for selling, and selling cars at that. If you are thinking of buying a car on eBay make sure you check the feedback profile thoroughly for the type of items the seller has been receiving praise for. 

I also carried out an on-line check for anything untoward with the licence number etc which made me feel very confident and excited. After I won the car, mostly by fluke I reckon because it was 10pm on a Sunday evening when everyone else is tucked up in bed, I emailed the seller straight away to show my worth as a buyer. He then replied the next day and gave me his phone number, I called him, we had a nice chat about the money etc and within an hour my car was on the doorstep and the V5 document signed. After I'd got over the initial shock I searched on-line for insurance which was easy to find, set up a direct debit and was able to drive the car within an hour. Oh how the internet has changed our lives......

Very happy, 

Brighton C x

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