Sunday, 19 June 2011

Brighton Creative tries Laser Lipo

Yes, it's true. I've taken the plunge. As soon as I heard about Laser Lipo, I was intrigued, and longed to try it. Although I'm not overly keen to spend all my money on trying to make myself look good, I have been desperate to shift the extra pounds I've put on over the last year due to medication I've been on.

So when I was offered a trial session of Laser Lipo for 50 quid, (via a Twitter business contact) I had to take it up. And bless him, AB paid for it in the end because he knew how hard I'd been trying to lose weight already.  I managed to book it within 3 days, and on a Saturday. This was rather scary. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for, and had visions of a Sci-fi scene involving a giant laser and lots of bright lights.

I emailed the salon to ask what I should or shouldn't do before the appointment, and they basically said nothing, but I had to exercise for 30 minutes afterwards. I'm not going to mention the name of the salon, as although the therapist was very nice, and clearly knew her stuff, I wasn't impressed with the surroundings or general environment of the salon (but grim) so don't want to give it bad press but don't want to promote it either.....

Anyway, I had a consultation to decide whether the treatment was safe for me, the therapist measured my chosen area for the treatment (the back of my thighs) and then I laid on the massage table. (fully clothed, apart from my legs of course) The laser itself is not frightening at all, it's just two shoebox size plastic things with a red light in the middle that are placed on to the skin in the chosen area. I didn't feel anything at the start of the treatment, although towards the end of the 15minutes it felt like I had a hot water bottle on my leg.

After both legs had been cooked, the therapist measured my thighs again. Dissappointingly I had only lost a quarter of an inch on one thigh ( I think she exaggerated this though to make me feel better) Apparently some people lose up to an inch in one session but it depends on your body type. She told me to make sure I drank lots of water now.

I left the salon feeling a bit of an anticlimax, but my legs felt a bit lighter. I went off to have a power plate session to do my obligitary 30 mins exercise, then walked home. I felt ok until I had been home for an hour or so. I then felt really drowsy, started sweating, basically had a fever and felt a bit doolally. I still have a headache today (the day after) and feel a bit weak. I guess this is the reaction to having fat melted down and released in to my blood stream, which my body is fighting to flush out. If you've ever detoxed, you'll be familiar with the flushing out feeling! I had to cancel my plans for dinner with a friend which was sad.

AB came over in the evening and was impressed with the results, he said you can definitely see a difference from my side profile and my cellulite (ergh) has smoothed out quite a lot. Although there hasn't been any inch loss, I can see a clear difference and can see how having 8 - 10 sessions can be really effective. At a price of £150 per session, I won't be doing that any time soon! I'm also not sure I could feel this rough 8 - 10 more times though... I'd rather go to the gym. I'm off to 'Hot' (Bikram) yoga tonight to see if I can flush a bit more out and feel better. I hope it works!

Brighton C x

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