Saturday, 11 June 2011

The £1 Roast Dinner

The title is probably a little deceptive here... I use the term 'roast dinner' loosely! I'm so busy this week I've had to grab food here and there when I can. I knew this would be the case last time I went to Asda so I made sure I had at least one microwave meal (I know, I know) I'm also desperately dieting so was pleased when I found a cheap, quick and low fat low calorie option!

This chicken dinner, was just £1. Thank you Asda Smart price. I don't think I would have been able to buy one third of the ingredients for £1! So, it comes with chicken pieces (look like cat food) in gravy, (not enough
gravy) sliced potatoes and mini carrots and peas, and a stuffing ball. Nuke in the microwave for 8 minutes and voila, you have a "Chicken Dinner" for one.

It didn't look too bad in the plastic dish. I tried to arrange it nicely on the plate to make it look grander.... but failed.

The potatoes were stuck together, the chicken pieces were very small (not like the picture, and the dumpy stuffing ball didn't get its fair share of gravy. Taste wise, it was ok. It's meat and two veg and some spuds, not much that can go wrong. And
if you look at the food label to the right, you can see that there are not many
additives and the meal is very low in fat and calories.
Quite good really, considering it is quite a filling meal.

I would say that if you're feeling a bit poor, lazy and need some heathy-ish food then this isn't a terrible option as it's substantial and contains green stuff, and is a bit more satisfying than beans on toast! I have even managed to fully recycle the plastic tray that the meal came in. It's now a nice little organiser for my very chaotic jewellery draw                                Brighton C x

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