Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Food Product review - Lactose free cheese.

I've been trying out alternatives to cow's milk this week. One of the products I found in Morrison's was some lactose free cheese called Lactofree. I've tried low fat cheese before and didn't really enjoy it. I'm a fan of mature cheddar.

The cheese that I tried looked like Swiss cheese when I opened it. It's pale, and feels quite rubbery. I had a feeling it would be just as disappointed as the low fat cheese. But actually once I had melted the lactose free cheese onto a jacket potato, I was pleasantly surprised. It tastes very creamy and adds to the food. I think the texture and flavour reminds me of mozzarella, as when it's melted it's pale and very stretchy. It's not a replacement for strong cheddar but does add a bit more substance to dishes that are deserving of cheese, and would be good for pizza and pasta.

Brighton C x

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