Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The evil eczema attack

I am not looking entirely beautiful at the moment. Remember the purple shampoo incident? Well, that has triggered an evil eczema attack on my face, neck and arms, being a particular itchy, swollen nuisance around my eyes.

It was so bad that I found myself at the emergency docs. They told me I need to see a dermatologist as my case is chronic. So until the referral happens, from my usual GP, which is likely to take aaaaaages....I have decided to look in to what I can do to help myself.

I realised I've been eating a lot of dairy products so have been looking at how I can change my diet a bit. I have bought some lactose free cheese. I was not impressed, I'll leave you to read the review! I've also bought some goats milk, yet to be tried, but an essential as I can't function without my shreddies.

Lashings of E45 cream - this seems to help as long as I put it on every hour - yes really - not very practical in the office! I've also been prescribed Diprobase which I'll pick up tomorrow. I'm ditching the steroid creams I've had previously as they have thickened my sking too much. I'm also staying away from all sorts of make up as much as poss and will be researching some hyperallergenic stuff for the future.

Sunbeds - I popped in to Kwik Tan in St James Street, Brighton. I heard light therapy helps and I've not been allowed in the sun so I wanted to top up my tan. In the past I felt sunbeds had helped my eczema although I'm not convinced this evening after my 3 minutes :(

No chocolate - so I tried some new sweets instead.

Anti-histamine - only before bed time though, otherwise I'm guaranteed to be found faceplanted on my laptop.

I'm not going to put up pictures of my eczema as it's not really that nice to look at and although I'm not ashamed of it I don't really like to show it off. Maybe I'll put a picture up of my arm and face when it's all healed. (fingers crossed) so instead I have decided to put up a picture of the annoyingness of eczema personified......

Brighton C x

as annoying as a constant itch.......

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