Monday, 11 April 2011

Ebaying all day - Vintage clothing and inspired jewellery

My Sundays are usually spent either bargain hunting or selling my treasures on Ebay. I've been know to list 15 items on a few Sundays. The things I sell are vintage clothing, shoes, accessories and retro jewellery. My eBay name is Loved Again Clothing, which was where the idea for my website started from.

I've got some lovely pieces on sale this week, and wish I had more time as I still have a whole rail full to put on. eBay selling can be quite time consuming, so I hoping one day I'll discover a short cut I've been missing! I like to pay attention to detail to my listings and try to make them as fun and useful to read as possible. I'm reaaly proud of my 100% positive feedback score and do everything I can to keep it.

I'd love to know how to get these 3 pictures all on one line, this is something I struggle with! If any one can help please leave a comment. xx

This is a gorgeous vintage pink ruffled camisole with corsage feature that I'm starting bids on at £3.99
This is a fabulous 1950s long spotted vintage dress from Nightingales, starting at £3.99

This pretty little cherry sun dress isn't on yet, but will be starting at £2.99 when I get it online. Sad to see this go but it just isn't me any more.

Brighton C x

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