Friday, 18 March 2011

Will blog, post, link and shout for treasure!!

As part of my role as a digital marketeer, I spend a lot of my time bringing joy to reputable bloggers by showering them with gifts in exchange for writing something lovely. I enjoy this part of my job. I'm very lucky that I have a new product to choose from every day so the possibilities are endless. Usually blog owners are chuffed to hear from me which makes it an enjoyable task! My aspiration is that one day, I will have lots of lovely followers on my hopefully inspiring blog and my site will be good enough for people to want to send me treasure to put in my treasure chest.

If I can't tempt bloggers with free gifts I can sometimes offer them fantastically cold hard cash. Of course this sounds appealing to me too. I write because I enjoy writing, I have lots to talk about and I hope that I can provide a little lightly entertaining reading for someone some where. But let's be honest, we are in a time of economic struggle and every penny counts, so I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at any offers, I'm no stickler for 'independence'. I'd also love to be able to put a little cash into my business to help it grow. I'm trying to raise £200 at the mo for an essential website upgrade, but unless it falls from the sky I'm going to struggle. I have considered looking for a sponsor but don't really know where to start. I'm spending a lot of time thinking about this one and when I know the answer I'll share......

PS If you have a blog that's been running for a year or more and your own domain name, give me a follow so I can see you and I could be sending you some treasure soon!

Brighton C x

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