Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Pint Size Craft Market - jewellery,textiles, ceramics, wall art and more

I am naughtily up past my bedtime again (well it is Friday night) into the wee small hours of Saturday. I'm really inspired, motivated and full of ideas so it seems a shame to waste them all on dreaming.

The thing I'm most excited about at the moment is the craft fair I'm organising with Wonderful S. Wonderful is is a new (6months) friend who is also creative and generally all round great. We decided to put our creativeness together, and fed up of paying other people extortionate amounts for poorly publicised craft fairs, we have decided to set up our own.

So here it is..........
I made the logo and flyer myself with my limited graphics skills. Not bad for a first attempt. I'm working on a poster too. Alongside this I'm getting my jewellery and clothing ready for my own stall. AB has been labelling things religiously for me every time he visits. He gets another amazing point for this. He is also buying us a new TV tomorrow. (3 months late)

Night night, 

Brighton C x

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