Saturday, 12 March 2011

A busy night, and a busy day.

Last night I had a long and theraputic bedroom clearing sesh. At the back of the cupboard I found 3 crates of 'stuff', 2 dead moths, and my old school report. The stuff consisted of screwed up bits of once useful magazine cuttings, beads and bits of broken necklaces, odd earrings, rubber bands, christmas cards from relatives and a load of other dust collecting articles.

I managed to let go of 1 crateful to the black sack. So satisfying and enough for a couple of weeks. I also had a go at my wardrobe. All my slim me clothes are now zipped away while I try to loose my extra padding so I can fit in to them again. It's enough of a motivator for me I think, there are some gorgeous summer dresses in there.

Today I spent a lot of time walking around Brighton with Amazing S. She has lost her voice so I had to do all the talking today, pitching our craft fair idea to varyingly interested pub landlords. We've managed to book another 2 dates which is really exciting! We also manageed to visit a craft fair in town, and saw some great work and met lots of nice people including a very hot barman who made us both blush. All in all a very good day :)

Brighton C x

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