Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Treasure Chest

While I was out shopping for jewellery making supplies yesterday, I stumbled past one of those closing down, cash only type of shops. Some of their stock looked quite arty in a tacky sort of way, so curiosity distracted me from my shopping list and I popped in.

I found this gorgeous little wooden chest at half price. There was a whole set, this was the largest. I was tempted to by them all because I love putting things in size order (I think it's because I'm a Virgo) but I was good and just bought the one.

It's the perfect size for putting my make up in on top of my dressing table. Over the years I've tried no end of receptacle, which have just ended up grubby and dusty from eyeliner, sticky lip gloss and eye shadow spills. So I have lined my little treasure chest with foil to keep it nice and clean. It fits in quite nicely with the bedroom redecoration project which will hopefully be finished by May (I really hope so!)

Brighton C x

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