Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Fabulous Sunday Market

My Amazing Boyfriend (AB) and I made a deal earlier in the week that we would go out on Saturday night for some drinks, but come home early so that we could get up in the morning to go to the fabulous Sunday market at the marina car park rooftops.

We managed to get there for 10.30am, not so bad but considering the super keen bargain hunters start at 6.00am, we probably missed some treasure. Last time we went it was howling down with rain, and we managed to pick up a good few bargains. This morning, the sun had peeked out, although it was still articly cold! This didn't stop hundreds of people turning out to browse and snoop. In fact in our slightly hungover state, it was almost a eyes down head for the exit scenario.

We braved the crowds though, and had a good laugh more than anything. We found a lovely pair of real ferret stoles (sadly no pics) and a whole load of other exciting, weird and wonderful things to marvel out.

After that we popped down the hill to Asda to experience what it's like when all their till computers stop working at once. I don't think I need to write about this. It's traumatising. We came home and ate chocolate under the duvet and gloated at the 2 little bargains we did manage to salvage from the market, some more old clothes that he hates and I love.

Brighton C x

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